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  • you just painted your home, but don't like the way the new color looks on the walls

  • you are trying to sell your house, and want to know whether you should re-paint or keep the existing paint colors

  • you simply want to show off your beautiful painting project and see what others think about it

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Here are some paint color critiques requested by other visitors to this page - take a look and don't forget to leave a comment!

Warm Red Colour Recommendation for Painting a Focal Wall? 

We would like to paint our living room red and cream: the main fireplace wall a nice warm red and the rest a nice cream colour.

We are struggling …...

Need Accent Colors for Painting the Outside of Our Beach House! 

We want to paint the peaks of the house and the beauty bands (the pieces of wood - not wood shakers) that go around the entire home.

All the railing …...

Problem Matching Paint Color to Accent Wall 

I have decided to paint one accent wall in my Living Room a separate color than I would like the rest.

I am trying to figure out now what color …...

What's the Right Paint Color for This Living Room? 

We have a corner fireplace that we painted a dark plum color, so you can not see the soot that accumulates on the chimney when we use it. We need help …...

How to Make a Room with Non-White Painted Trim, Lighter 

Greatly in need of some advice. We purchased our home four years ago from a builder that painted all of the interior trim a putty/tan/sand color. No …...

Help Pick Out Paint Colors for Foyer, Kitchen, Living and Dining Room 

We just bought our first home and need help picking out colors that will flow together. We want color, not just cream or tan and like a beach theme, …...

Wall Paint Color to Make Mauve Countertops Look Less Ugly? 

I am moving into a new house and the countertops are a mauve/rose color.

I don't have the money to change them right now. What paint color would …...

I Need Coastal Home Painting Ideas! 

I found your website while searching for ideas to make my home have a more coastal feeling. I am really stuck on paint. I have a cape cod home that …...

Crisp and Comfortable Wall Color Idea for Repainting My Kitchen? 

I am repainting my kitchen. Actually, I repainted my dining room and hallway and now I am stuck repainting my kitchen.

I have an open floor plan, …...

3 Yellow Paint Colors Later... Still Not Gold! 

I painted my living room a brown color, "Peanut Butter" from the Home Depot, and I love it! In the photos, it kinda looks greenish, but in person it's …...

Need Help with Daughter's Bedroom Paint Color! 

We are remodeling our home and are building a bedroom for our 8yr. old daughter upstairs (11' by 15').

The room gets somewhat low natural light …...

Help, I Can't Choose a Paint Color! 

I want to paint 1 long wall spanning my entire living area. This includes the living room and dining area. It's an open floor plan. It also includes …...

Help Coordinate Paint Colors With Living Room Decor 

I need help choosing and coordinating house painting colors with my existing decor.

The carpet and sectional are tan. The rug is multi colored. …...

Stylish Paint Color Ideas for Our Brand New House? 

Hi Everyone! My husband and I just bought our first home (brand new). So now we are trying to figure out what colors to paint the rooms, to match our …...

Painting the Main Area and Need Color Ideas 

Hello everyone, I want to give my parents a little help to get some color in their house.

The furniture in the living room in this picture …...

My Den Painting Idea: What Do You Think? 

My Den and Kitchen are on the same floor and split between the door to enter my house.

Both rooms are painted the same Golden/Yellow color.


Beachy Exterior Paint Color Schemes and Painting Ideas? 

I am wanting to paint the building a new color. You can see the awning is a teal color. More green in it than blue and my bead sign has a pretty aqua …...

What Paint Color Will Lighten Up My Living Room? 

My husband decided to paint the living room these colors a few years ago. I don't like the colors. The room looks too dark.

I just want to …...

Which Paint Colors are Right for This Great Room? 

We are selecting paint colors for our new great room. It is 22x22 and has cathedral ceilings.

We want to make the wall at the far end of the room …...

Paint Color Advice for Living Room, Dining Room and Entry? 

I just bought a new house along with new furniture. I would like to paint but need help as I would like to go with Green shades (Sage), along with …...

Need a Different Painting Idea for a Small Room 

My room is decorated in pink and brown. I have my own bathroom and closet, and the room is very small.

What colors should I paint my room? I want …...

Accent Wall Paint Colors for a Teenager's Room? 

Well I want to paint my bedroom, and I want to paint it pink. My mom says that I need an accent wall, but I don't know what color it should be when …...

Bedroom Paint Color Please! 

I have a small room with wooden flooring (I still have to choose the color but I think a darker color will look better) and wooden cupboards.

My …...

Need Paint Color Ideas for My Living Room! 

I want to lighten up my home and need help with paint color ideas!

In my living room I have a brown wooden wall that the sofa is against, so that …...

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Choosing the Right Color for Our Concrete Driveway Not rated yet

My wife and I are indecisive on what colour our driveway should be.

Currently it's plain concrete white but because of the earthquakes in Christchurch, …...

Neutral Wall Paint Color Ideas for a New House? Not rated yet

I am in escrow on a property and the place needs new paint and carpets.

I plan to get hardwood floors, but do not know what color to paint the walls. …...

Need a Recommendation for My Kitchen Paint Colors Not rated yet

I'm looking to cover the walls of my kitchen perhaps with a green paint color. However, I am open to other color ideas.

I have 4*4 Rialto beige …...

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