Wall Paint Color to Make Mauve Countertops Look Less Ugly?

by Elise

New house... and ugly mauve countertops!

New house... and ugly mauve countertops!

I am moving into a new house and the countertops are a mauve/rose color.

I don't have the money to change them right now. What paint color would look best on the walls to help make them blend-in and look less ugly?

I was thinking a dark brown wall color, but would that look bad with the light brown cabinets? (and obviously the wallpaper and border is going!!)

Reply from Paula Pavlik-Douglas (our contributing expert):
Hi Elise,

I've long held the opinion that there are no wrong colors - only wrong placement, with the possible exception of mauve.

You are on the right track with the brown, although I have my doubts about something too dark. It will have to be a red based brown to blend with the counter, instead of a golden brown or greenish brown.

Anything green at all will only bring out the mauve even more, and make it look pinker.

There are two Martha Stewart colors: Smoke Bush Rose MSL 172 and Heathered Moor MSL 173 (Martha Stewart paint is available at Home Depot):

MSL Smoke Bush Rose paint color

Additionally, Benjamin Moore has some good ones - Whispering Woods 1012:

BM Whispering Woods paint color

...and Dellwood Sand 1019:

BM Dellwood Sand paint color

Check the colors around these two also; in real daylight it may be more apparent which one works the best.

You seem to have some decent light, so you can take some color, but with all the cabinets you don't want too dark a color.

The cabinets pose another problem with the wall color because they are the honeyed brown color I mentioned in the first paragraph. So, when you check into these browns, make sure to see which ones will also go best with the cabinets.

I'm afraid I may be scaring you! Don't worry, just taking off the border is the first step in the updating direction.

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Dellwood Sand
by: Anonymous

If I were you, I would go with the dellwood sand. It really brings a kitchen to life. My sister's kitchen is done in this color and it is very pretty.

No worries
by: Anonymous

I had the same situation with my modular. I painted my kitchen a light beige from the Martha Stewart collection and a green from the same color collection for my living room. Laid Pergo in the living room and the place looks great. Now I just have to get rid of the dated hardware on the cabinets!

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