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House Painting Ideas and Tips
for a picture-perfect home

Surprisingly, most people still think of house painting only as a way to make their homes look beautiful.

When in fact, if done properly, home improvement painting can result in even bigger benefits.

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For example, you can:

  • Raise the value of your home (by applying smart home painting ideas)

  • Help your house sell faster (by choosing paint colors that sell)

  • Lower your energy bills (by caulking and painting walls with special products)

  • Hide structural flaws and eyesores (by using exterior and interior paint colors strategically)

  • Visually manipulate the space (by painting rooms creatively)

  • Imitate expensive materials and fool the eye (by using decorative wall painting techniques)

  • Restore, protect and extend the life of surfaces (by implementing professional house painting tips and tricks)

  • ... and much, much more!

Ready to learn how to get the most out of painting your home?
Then stick around, because everything you need is right here!

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You will learn about:

  • Worst and best places for finding quality home painters

  • What to look for in painting contractors

  • How to compare painters' quotes

  • How to do a contractor background check

  • Money-saving ideas, solutions and options

Want DIY Painting Ideas and Instructions?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you will LOVE our:

  • Exterior and interior painting ideas

  • a couple painting their house

  • Guides to choosing paint color

  • Beautiful room color schemes

  • Most popular paint colors

  • Best paint colors to sell your home

  • Faux paint examples

  • Faux finish techniques

  • Exterior and interior painting tips

  • Tutorials for painting every surface (from painting kitchen cabinets, to removing wallpaper, to garage floor epoxy coating instructions)

  • Ways to protect, beautify and raise the value of your home

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Paint Color Ideas: discover how to get wall color ideas and pull wall painting colors from a classical painting.
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Paint color palette: learn how to use monochromatic house painting color schemes and combinations in your home.
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Home color scheme: how to choose and put together double split complementary interior paint color combinations.
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Paint color combinations: learn about one of the easiest room color schemes - a split complementary home color scheme.
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Interior paint color schemes: instructions and photo examples for creating a triad home color scheme.
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Paint color schemes: tutorial for putting together interior paint color combinations for your home.
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Interior color schemes - find out how to compose complementary paint color schemes and interior paint color combinations.
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House paint color combinations: illustrated tutorial for choosing interior paint colors based on a rug.
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How to choose paint color for the woodwork in your home - doors, windows and trim.
Color for House Painting, Color in the Home - How to Make it Work
Color for house painting: are you a copycat when it comes to choosing wall paint colors?
Choose Interior Paint Colors for your Taste; Choosing Paint Colors
Choose interior paint colors that suit your taste: get wall color ideas and inspiration for house painting.
Finding Colors to Paint a Room - Choosing Room Colors
Choosing colors to paint a room doesn't have to be stressful. Choose paint colors and create beautiful interior paint color combinations.
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Wall paint color can be tricky. Learn why your interior paint colors may look uneven, blotchy, different and weird on the walls...
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Do you paint sample colors on the walls? Learn a better way of testing interior paint colors ...
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Paint color chips: pros insist on using oversized paint color swatches. Should you follow suit?
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Color paint chips: how to find that perfect shade with small and large paint color chips.
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Painting and decorating as a self-discovery tool. When decorating with paint, you get to learn so much about yourself!
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Custom Paint Colors: Instructions for Mixing Paint Colors at Home
Custom paint colors: instructions for mixing paint colors when you need to adjust the shade.
Paint Color Interviews: Experts Share Color Tips and Tricks
Paint color experts and decorators show you how they choose and coordinate house painting colors
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Choosing paint color is like choosing an outfit. Here's a fun and easy approach to picking and coordinating paint colors...
Home Paint Colors: Light and Dark; LRV of House Paint Colors
Home paint colors: here's what you need to know about light and dark house painting colors and their light reflective value...
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Room color can be warm or cool... or both at the same time! Find out how to understand and use home paint color temperatures...
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Picking paint colors involves some planning. Find out the right order of selecting paint colors for your home...
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Choosing a paint color: illustrated instructions for choosing the right paint color for your interior home painting project.
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Choosing paint colors: before you start choosing interior paint colors, consider the 3 things that can influence your color selection choices.
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Sponge painting is a technique of applying or removing glaze from the walls with a sea sponge. Learn how to sponge paint here.
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