My Den Painting Idea: What Do You Think?

by Mike
(Long Island, NY)

Right now my den is painted yellow

Right now my den is painted yellow

My Den and Kitchen are on the same floor and split between the door to enter my house.

Both rooms are painted the same Golden/Yellow color.

I want to paint some walls in my den a different color.

I was thinking about a color of Benjamin Moore - Audubon Russet. I was going to paint the wall the TV is on and the wall the picture is on the Audubon Russet color.

Do you think that would look good?

Yelena's Response:

Hi Mike,

I like these two colors together (your existing golden yellow and the new rusty color you are considering).

I also like that, instead of a traditional single wall, you decided to paint 2 walls an accent color. That is a great way to visually separate areas from one another and identify each area's function in a home with an open floor plan.

But! To make the accent walls look natural and organic in your home, you need to do one more thing:

"Stretch" the rusty color throughout your entire open floor area (or, at the very minimum, to your kitchen) via accents (vases, wall art, lamps, napkins, etc). Otherwise the walls will look lonely and out of place.

Have fun painting! :)

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what about dark red?
by: Rose

I would go for dark red for those 2 walls.

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