Decorating With Paint and Color
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Decorating with paint and color... it's magical! It can be the easiest, most impressive and least expensive way to add new life to one or several rooms of your home.

Hands down, color is the most important decorating tool in the world.

Below you will find questions about decorating with paint and color from homeowners just like you - along with the answers from me or contributing color experts.

Browse through them to learn how to make color and paint work for you, too. Or leave a comment and offer your own ideas and suggestions!

The questions come from many sources - newlyweds painting and furnishing their first apartment, families wanting to perk up their home decorating color schemes, a retired couple seeking a lively but comfortable look in their new condominium.

Among the questions are:

  • how to use color to enlarge a small room or to "cozy up" a room that resembles a small football field;

  • how to bring brightness to a room that receives little sunlight;

  • how to make several different colors in a room "hang together";

  • how to apply modern color schemes to traditional settings;

  • how to change the mood of a room with color;

  • how to bring new color to a room with inexpensive accessories;

  • ...and more!

Questions and Answers About
Decorating With Color and Paint:

Enjoy the Q&As, get inspired and don't forget to leave a comment!

Can I Repeat Paint Colors Throughout the House? 
Question: I am repainting and redecorating my entire first floor, and I am totally overwhelmed by the paint colors (trying to match them to the carpet, …

What Color Should We Paint the Woodwork in Pink and Blue Bedrooms? 
Question: I am glazing the base moldings and trim to look antiqued in the main living area and hallways (I have an Old World Tuscan theme going on …

Should I Match the Wall Paint Color to the Bedspread? 
Question: I want to paint my daughter's bedroom a turquoise blue color. Her bedspread is white with large bright turquoise, pink, orange and lime …

What Paint Color Looks Old World Tuscan? 
Question: I want the main living area to have an "Old World" look and feel. There is a texture on the dry wall right now, it is called "Holy Smooth" …

What Paint Color Looks Good With a Hunter Green Carpet? 
Question: I have a hunter green carpet, I love it (new when I bought the house), sand color furniture (microfiber) and end tables and others sit-abouts …

How Should I Paint My Tray Ceiling? 
Question: I have always been really good at decorating and painting, but I have an area that I am totally stumped on! We moved into a condo - …

New Wall Paint Color for a Fellowship Hall? 
Question: We have a mauve and burgundy tile floor that is not going to be changed, in a fellowship hall. We bought new white tables and are now …

What Color Should We Paint Our Bedroom Walls? 
Question: What color should we paint our bedroom walls which are presently white? The carpet is sandy beige, and the bedspread and draperies are …

What Paint Color Will Make Our Bedroom Look Brighter? 
Question: What would be a good paint color for a north-facing bedroom? We are planning to redecorate ours, and want it to appear bright and cheerful. …

Can I Use a Modern Purple Color Scheme With Traditional Furnishings? 
Question: My living room carpeting is gray and the walls are currently white (too stark white in fact). Our furniture is very traditional. I'd …

What Colors Look Good Together? 
Question: What colors will go together and look good together? Answer: The first part of the question can be answered by saying that any color …

Do Light Colors Make a Room Look Larger? 
Question: My room is pretty small (I think it's 8x10', 8' ceiling), but I heard somewhere that painting the walls a light color would make it look …

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