Help Pick Out Paint Colors for Foyer, Kitchen, Living and Dining Room

by Rachael

Living room with front door on the left

Living room with front door on the left

Living room with front door on the left Looking at dining room from living room Kitchen as seen from hallway at front door Kitchen view

We just bought our first home and need help picking out colors that will flow together. We want color, not just cream or tan and like a beach theme, so blue or green. Something inviting and open.
When you walk in the front door, living room is on the left. First picture is of the living room, you can see the front door in the left corner. It has a nice window and is pretty square and leads into the dining room - no wall separating.

Second picture shows dining room from the living room.

Then the kitchen straight ahead down a hallway when you walk in the front door, or to the right of the dining room looking at the dining room picture.

The kitchen is kind of dark with the counter tops and there will be black appliances. I'm not sure what we can do to lighten it up. We do want to refinish the cabinets since they are a creamy white color that we hate.

We will make the flooring in the foyer/hallway and kitchen sand color tile. For the living and dining rooms it will be a light oak.

Our appliances are white and red, dining table is cherry and black, and furniture for the living room is burgundy for the sofa and chair and dark wood desk and coffee tables.

Thank you for your help!

Reply from Paula Pavlik-Douglas (our contributing expert):

Hi Rachel,

Let's start in the foyer leading into the kitchen.

I'm suggesting MSL 206 Buckwheat Flour (Martha Stewart paint available at Home Depot) - think driftwood at the beach:

MSL 206 Buckwheat Flour paint color

would use this on the kitchen walls too. Hopefully it goes with the counter top - it's hard to tell from the picture what colors are in there. This will help the flow of colors for the house.

Then try MSL120 Rainwater for living/dining room:

MSL 120 Rainwater paint color

Painting these areas the same color will make them seem larger and should go nicely with the burgundy couch and cherry dining room furniture.

Now, to combat any darkness, paint the ceilings in MSL058 Heavy Cream in a flat finish:

MSL 058 Heavy Cream paint color

Also paint any trim in the same color in a semi gloss.

If there's any dark wood trim laying around (like that door in the dining room), paint it too - I know, painting wood is a problem for some people, but it's all wood originally!

When you get around to the cabinets, paint them in the same Heavy Cream color. It looks like they're kind of a pickled finish now, and while you may not care for the color, keeping them lighter is a good idea because with that counter top any darker color on the cabinets will really make the kitchen into a cave.

I chose this creamy trim and ceiling color because it has a little yellow/gold in it and will add reflective power (brightness) to the rooms; also it helps with the "beach" feel.

MSL paint color scheme

Always try to sample colors first. Go to Home Depot and pull the color cards, or buy some sample size paint. Put the color in the corners. It will really help you get an idea of how the color is going to look all over.

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by: Hailey Grace

OMG! You are remodeling the whole house it looks like. Well as far as painting. I love the advice you were given. I think they will compliment each other. Good Luck with all the painting!

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