Bedroom Paint Color Please!

by Tanya

My Bedroom is Similar to This Room

My Bedroom is Similar to This Room

I have a small room with wooden flooring (I still have to choose the color but I think a darker color will look better) and wooden cupboards.

My room has a tall ceiling which extends to the wall behind the bed area, which has square hollow area.

Being a 19 year old girl I want an elegant, different and lively room. The room should not look dull. I don't have an exact picture of my room but it somehow resembles the enclosed picture. I have to start from the scratch and choose a theme for my room.

Yelena's Response:

Hi Tanya,

If you are starting from scratch, I would suggest that you buy your bedding, wall art and other accessories FIRST. Because those items will determine your wall paint color.
It's much easier to match paint color to fabrics and decorations used in the room, than the other way around. Once you have your bedding and drapes in front of you, you will be able to pull paint color ideas from them.

If the fabrics will be solid in color, consult a color wheel to find complementing paint colors. Click here for room color scheme tutorials.

If the fabrics are multi-color print, use one of the colors for the walls (usually it will be the lightest of the colors, and not the dominant one). See "Choosing Interior Paint Colors from Decor" for more details.

I hope this gives you a direction!

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by: Martha

It's really hard to see anything in this small picture but I think you got some good advice.

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