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The best thing about experimenting with different paint colours in your home is the countless looks, styles and moods you can create, as well as the abundance of energy and emotion you can add to a space...

choosing paint colours

Walking into a room where paint colours are right is similar to enjoying a perfectly balanced meal or listening to uplifting music.

And this is not just because the room colour scheme looks aesthetically pleasing. On a deeper level you know you love it because it makes you feel something (a sense of well-being, an increase in energy, or an old sweet memory).

Colour is one of life's greatest luxuries - it is inspiring to work with, and extremely satisfying to live surrounded by... when you get it right.

Different paint colours can dramatically alter our perception of space and dimension. They can also give us the power to create different moods, and make a home feel alive and welcoming.

Just think about it: the way you use colour in your home says a lot about you. Your choice of painting and decorating colours not only reveals your sense of aesthetics, but can also give a glimpse into your pesonality, temperament and lifestyle. You already express yourselft through clothing and accessories... why not put a mark on your home as well and let it be an extension and expression of the real you?

If you are game, explore the colour choices below and study the rest of this website. You will learn the exact steps for choosing paint colours and coordinating different shades the right way to create a happier, more comfortable and stylish place to live.

After all, it costs just as much to live with blah colours as it does to surround yourself with gorgeous hues that inspire you and make you feel alive!

And if you want to get instant access to the absolute best paint colors out there - preselected for you by a color pro, take a look at the Paint Color Cheat Sheets - you'll never go back to picking colors the old way!

Let's Find the Right House Paint Colours...
...Right for YOU!

Red Paint Shades Make a Gorgeous Wall Color
Love drama? Bold or restrained, red has just what you need! Intense red is best used as an accent wall color, while toned down red shades are perfect for painting a formal dining room or a romantic bedroom.

Shades of Pink Paint Color for Your Walls
Pink is not only for little girls' rooms - not anymore. Sweet pinks work great in bathrooms because they make your complexion look healthier, sophisticated pinks are very appropriate for bedrooms and reading rooms, and hot pinks can add a strategic punch of color when used sparingly.

Shades of Orange Paint Color for Your Walls
From fiery tangerine that makes a powerful accent touch, to conservative salmon that can fit any decorating style, to timeless terra-cotta that brings to mind Mexican and Mediterranean decors, what's your favorite orange shade?

Shades of Green Paint Color for Your Walls
Often associated with nature, green shades are as varied as nature itself. Earthy, fresh or bright greens - you can pair them with virtually any color and the combination will still look right - just like the colors you see outdoors.

Shades of Yellow Paint Color for Your Walls
How about yellow walls for a little (or a lot of) sunshine and happiness? Just don't overdo the intensity or you'll end up with a wall paint colour so bright and crazy, protective eyewear will be required!

Painting Blue Walls?
The world's most popular color, blue can fit any mood and purpose. Just keep in mind that some shades of blue (such as a bright turquoise, for example) will look organic only in homes located near water or in hot climates.

Shades of Purple Paint for Your Home
A favorite among artists and musicians, violet is full of mystery. It symbolizes imagination, creativity and even association with royalty. If it's your favorite paint colour, see how to use it successfully for painting a home.

White Wall Paint Shades
Clean and simple, these shades are very popular in house painting - but oftentimes for no other reason than homeowners' fear of choosing paint colours and trying something different. But when used intentionally and in the right setting, shades of white can look very chic and elegant on the walls.

Gray Paint Shades
Gray shades are very adaptable and versatile. But although most people think that a gray is a gray is a gray, not all gray shades are created equal - some come in bluish undertones, others appear greenish, and yet others are purple-based.

Brown Paint Shades
The color brown can add a lot to your home's atmosphere. It can visually ground a color scheme, and create a warm, comfortable feel in a room. Learn what colors look good with brown...

Painting Black Walls?
That could work - if you follow these tips: keeping the floors, ceilings and furniture light to balance out the color weight, and ideally reserving the color black for using in rooms that get large amounts of light.

Tuscan Paint Colors
Why not add some Italian flavor to your decor? The goal here is to mimic the colors of natural pigments - earthy greens, rusty reds and muted browns. Plus, combined with faux finishes, you can easily create a Mediterranean look and feel in your home.

Unconventional Interior Trim Colors
When is it better to go with decorative paint colour ideas for woodwork vs. using the traditional white color? When you want to highlight some fabulous carved trim and make it stand out, for example.

What Colors Look Good With Wood?
Should you take the color of natural and stained wood into account? What colors look good with natural wood? How do you play up the color of the natural wood? Find the answers to these questions in this article...

Clean and Muddy Wall Colors
Do you know the difference between them and how to use this distinction when creating color combinations? Learn why clean and muted colors prefer their own company best.

Warm and Cool Room Color
Did you know a color can be both warm and cool at the same time? That's right - the deciding factor is what you are comparing it to! Color is all about context, and you can learn more about it here...

Light and Dark Home Paint Colors
See what effects you can achieve with these colors: for example, downplay surface flaws and imperfections, visually change the perceived size of the room or camouflage pipes, electric outlets and similar eyesores.

Tan Paint: How to Dress It Up
Learn what tan paint colours need to look best: it's contrast in value (lightness or darkness), variety of different shades and pops of bright, complementing colors to truly bring tans to life.

Neutral Paint Colors: What You Need to Know
Are you a color "coward" if you prefer neutrals over brights? Why do you even choose neutral paint colours? Are neutrals really "safe"? And what colors are neutral anyway? These are the questions we'll look at in this lesson.

Neutral Interior Wall Colors
Neutral colors come in 3 "flavors" - real (these are pitch black, pure white and a flat gray), complex (here we have beiges, greiges and taupes) and colored neutrals (this category includes virtually any muted/toned down color - for example, a French blue or a sage green).

Paint Color Choices: Why So Many?
Here's how to look at the paint colour variety: most paint manufacturers' color charts are conveniently divided into white, neutral, bright, grayed and deep sections to make it easier for you to find the right shade.

How to Narrow Paint Color Selection
Too many interior paint colors? Reduce the choices and overwhelm by determining what you like, establishing what mood/look/atmosphere you are going for, and taking stock of your exising color and design elements.

Paint Color Trends: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
What's in a color trend, and should you even care? Trends can be helpful when you feel like trying something new for a change, but they can also be distracting and rather expensive if you are succeptible to paint companies' advertising campaigns.

Oops! Designer Paint Colors
Would you like to buy designer paint colours on a bargain? You can - literally for pennies on the dollar - but you have to be willing to do some legwork or even tweak the color if needed.

Free Colors to Paint a House
3 Best sources of no-cost house paint colours: these are your friends, neighbors, and relatives, local Freecycle group members, and even your own garage!

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
Important tips and facts you should know about SW colors. You'll learn about interior and exterior SW color availabitily, their special gray primers, using paint samples, color swatches and store displays.

Popular Interior Paint Colors by Demographics
It's no surprise that gender and age play a big role in our color preferences (in addition to the cultural and social conditioning and personal associations). Find out what colors men, women and different age groups generally prefer.

Most Popular Paint Colors, Room by Room
See the most frequently chosen paint colours for every room in a home: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, home office, bathrooms, and of course kids' rooms.

The Secret of Popular Paint Colors
Learn what the best paint colours have in common (Tip: it's the right intensity (also known as saturation or chroma), value (how light or dark a color is), and undertones (the base of a color).

Best Paint Colors
A list of the best paint colours from SW palettes. These colors are taken from the Paint Colour Cheat Sheets to give you an idea of the range of shades within each color family/group.


Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets