Pink Paint Colors
for Grown Up Rooms

Pink paint colors are not only for little girls' rooms!

When the shade is right, pink walls can look very classy and appropriate for adult living spaces as well...

Although pink paint colors are technically just tints of red, they are so versatile, they deserve their own category.

Flesh pink wall paint color is a good choice for a peaceful bedroom

Ranging from sweet - to sophisticated - to fiery, they can work with different decorating styles, and pair well with many other colors.

And while the color pink can still be considered too feminine for some tastes, you can't argue with the fact that if anything, it is full of personality!

NOTE: pink paint is most successful when used in a matte, flat, or even chalky finish. Glossy pink surfaces tend to look too "sugary", and sometimes almost sickly sweet.

Sweet Pink Paint Colors

Fresh pink walls in a bathroom can brighten up your complexion in a mirror

Pale, pastel pinks bring the word "pretty" to mind - these shades are always associated with babies and little girls.

Using them in the home can be tricky, because they have a very strong feminine appeal.

But aside from girls' rooms, soft pinks are often successfully and strategically used in bathrooms.

Because they have good reflective qualities, these tints can provide a warm cast and give your skin a healthy appearance when you look in the mirror - now who wouldn't like some of that in the morning!

Vivid pinks are a good choice for crafting rooms

And since fresh pinks are the creative and fun side of red, they make a wise choice for crafting and sewing rooms as well.

If you love pink walls, but want to downplay their feminine look, you can distract the eye from the walls by adding stronger greens or blues to the room through fabrics, colored furniture and prominent decorative accents.

Dark stained furniture and woodwork can also help visually "ground" and de-feminize this color a little.

Sophisticated Pink Paint Colors

Muted pink paint colors look grown up and sophisticated

Blush and flesh tones, dusty rose, faded peachy-pink, dusky coral pink - these are all grown-up versions of pink.

They are slightly "muddier", and definitely not as fresh and crisp as baby pinks - with just enough gray added to them to tone down the sweetness.

Subtle and sophisticated, muted pinks have a more mature look to them - therefore they work for a variety of rooms.

Grayed pink shades are especially suitable for bedroom walls

Because of their calm and reflective qualities, they are especially suitable for quiet areas - studies, libraries, reading rooms and bedrooms (powdery pinks are said to induce sleep).

Surrounded by gray, taupe, brown or navy blue, dusky pink walls can look almost neutral.

And if you add soft green accents and white lace to your pink based color scheme, you will get a classic romantic, nostalgic look.

Hot Pink Paint Colors

Bright pinks are often best used for painting a single accent wall

Fuschia, magenta, shocking pink, ultra pink, kinky pink - a hot pink color by any other name is just as hot!

These strong hues are very energizing and active - much like reds.

They bubble with life and energy, but can be too stimulating and even irritating when used in large amounts.

Bright, aggressive pinks are not easy on the eyes, and shouldn't be used in spaces devoted to relaxation - even in accents.

Hot pinks are very energizing but can be irritating when used allover

Looking most appropriate in contemporary settings, hot pink paints don't have the feminine and babyish qualities of pastel pinks.

And if you combine them with neutrals and pops of other strong colors like red, yellow, orange or purple, a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the room will be guaranteed!

Just remember the mantra:

moderation, moderation, moderation...

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