Home Improvement Painting
and Maintenance Guide

This guide to home improvement painting and maintenance will show you how to take care of the interior and exterior of your house to keep it protected from deterioration and looking beautiful year after year.

Although home improvement painting and maintenance chores are not always fun, regular upkeep is what it takes to preserve, beautify and extend the life of your house, so that it continues to serve you and bring you joy for many years to come.

But when neglected, a house can become a real embarrassment pretty fast.

House painting and regular maintenance save you money in the long run

Not only that - its value goes down and instead of an investment, it turns into a money-eating monster, because the problems that have been accumulating for years are now multiple, serious and very expensive to fix.

Just like a living organism, your house needs ongoing TLC for it to "thrive". And of course, prevention is always easier and cheaper than cure.

Home Improvement Painting
Tips and Maintenance Advice:

Confessions of a House Painter: "Permanent" Paints Debunked
Fell prey to the "Stop Painting Forever" hype or know someone who bought the "permanent paint" promise? Here's a more realistic look at the "lifetime guarantee" paints and a smarter approach to achieving a maintenance-free house.

Interior and Exterior House Painting Tips by Season
Want to stay on top of things around the house but don't want to spend too much on the regular upkeep? Then follow this seasonal home improvement painting and maintenance schedule - it will show you the best timing for different interior and exterior projects so that you can take advantage of discount pricing on contractor work.

Caulking and Painting: 4 Little Known Benefits
Neglecting this maintenance task costs you much more time and money that it saves. A tube of caulk not only helps protect your home from moisture damage, keep the bugs out and make it easier to cut straight paint lines, it also helps save you money on energy bills.

Stain Removal Tips From a Powerwashing Contractor
Unsightly stains on your driveway or the exterior of your house are cramping your style? Not to worry: here's how professionals get rid of mold and mildew, oil and grease, and even graffiti from brick, concrete and painted surfaces, and how you can, too.

Removing Mold and Mildew Stains From Paint
This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions for killing mold and mildew spores, cleaning the stains off interior and exterior painted surfaces and taking the necessary steps to prevent the fungus from coming back.

How to Touch Up Paint in Your Home
Have you ever tried touching up a few small areas on the walls and ended up having to repaint the entire room? In this lesson, you will learn why touch ups fail and how to do it right the next time you want to camouflage the scuffs and dents on the walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Storing Paint: How to Keep Paint Leftovers Fresh
Most paints can remain fresh and usable for a minimum of 5 years if you know how to store them properly. These instructions will teach you just that - from the right temperature conditions to the best container - everything you need to know to keep those paint leftovers from deteriorating or drying up.

Paint Disposal: How to Get Rid of Leftover Paints
There are some fun and environmentally friendly ways you should try first when dealing with unwanted paint leftovers - you can use them up, pass them on or recycle them. But if all that fails, here are the paint disposal instructions for handling paint waste responsibly.


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Paint Color Cheat Sheets