Paint Color Choices:
Why So Many?

These days, we don't have a problem with limited paint color choices. Just the opposite - paint color selection is so huge, it seems intimidating...

Believe it or not, but when paint stores continually introduce new colors every year, and add to their already huge selection, they are not trying to overwhelm you.

All they want to do is offer you more paint color choices, so that you will find just the perfect shade for painting your home. See - they are trying to be helpful, that's all!

To help you navigate through the thousands of paint color choices, here's a breakdown of a typical paint store's selection:


white paint color choices

This category is the most popular of all, but not because people love white that much! Homeowners simply choose this non-color because they have no idea how to choose real colors that will coordinate with their decor.

Professional color experts love to have paint color choices, because it allows them to find just the right shade of white for the walls, ceilings or woodwork. They look for a white with certain undertones to match the furniture, tile, fabrics and accessories in the home they are decorating.


neutral paint color choices

This section is also popular among homeowners for the same reason as above. People mistakenly think that you can't go wrong with neutral interior wall colors.

Color professionals know that even neutrals have to be coordinated with your decor. Some neutrals like beige, gray and tan can appear pinky, greenish or orangy, so it takes just as much time (if not more) to find the right neutral as any other color.

Grayed Colors

toned-down paint color choices

These are muted and toned-down shades that add color and sophistication to a room. Homeowners love these colors in their homes, but oftentimes overlook or somehow miss them when looking through a paint deck.

These colors are so easy to miss because they often look boring and too safe on tiny paint color chips. It takes experience to spot these modest "wall flowers" that will really blossom when your apply them to your walls.


bright paint color choices

That's what homeowners usually choose when they want to add color to their homes. But once the color goes up on the walls, they quickly realize that it's way too loud and crazy.

Why, of course - these colors are only suitable to use in children's rooms - that's who these paint color choices were designed for!

Deep tones

dark paint color choices

Deep tones are located right at the base of a paint color deck - these shades are designed to be used sparingly in your home. Usually they make a great accent wall color, or the color of the wall under the chairrail.

Occasionally some brave soul will use one of these dark shades for painting an entire room, and it can work - with light flooring, furniture and draperies.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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