Most Popular Paint Colors
for Every Room

Can you guess the most popular paint colors for interior home painting? If not, see below for the most frequently chosen wall colors, room by room...

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Most Popular Paint Color Choices,
Room by Room

The following examples are not necessarily the best paint colors you can use - these are simply the most common choices people make in their homes.

most popular paint colors for kitchens

The color yellow is associated with happiness, it is related to food, and it helps promote lively conversations - no wonder it is often used for painting kitchens!

This is one area in the house where you can never have too much joyous chatter!

most popular paint colors for dining rooms

Another food color - red - is said to increase appetite and create excitement.

For this reason, you can often see red walls in dining rooms and other places where people gather to eat, celebrate and socialize.

most popular paint colors for living rooms

A beige living room usually represents a compromise.

Since this room is used by all family members (who have different color preferences and color tolerance levels), a beige paint color works as a safe middle ground.

most popular paint colors for bedrooms

Bedrooms are often painted blue - because this color is synonymous with tranquility, peace and sleepiness.

Granted, not all shades of blue are serene and sleep-inducing - in fact, bright and intense blues can even wind you up, so choose carefully!

most popular paint colors for home offices

Green walls in home offices make sense. The most abundant color in nature, green generates in us a sense of comfort and well-being.

Plus, in the right shade, it is completely not distracting and easy on the eyes - a perfect and popular backdrop for a work space!

most popular paint colors for bathrooms

In addition to being considered serene and peaceful, blue also brings to mind images of water and cleanliness, making it a natural choice for bathrooms.

And indeed, light shades of blue lend themselves nicely to creating a spa-like bathroom atmosphere.

most popular paint colors for kids' rooms

It's no surprise that the most popular paint color for girls' rooms is pink, while boys' rooms are usually painted blue.

But did you know that before 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys (because it is derived from powerful red), and blue was assigned to girls (because of its association with the Virgin Mary)?

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Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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