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Shades of yellow paint color can help you create an upbeat and uplifting atmosphere, and add some sunshine to your home. Learn how to enliven your space with this happy paint color...

Considering Yellow Walls?

shades of yellow

There are probably more shades of yellow than any other color. Ranging from delicate primrose to uncompromising cadmium, every shade is infused with life!

But yellow paint color intensifies drastically when used on the walls - more so than most other hues. And while a tiny paint chip may look sunny and cheerful, the overall effect can turn out rather overwhelming in reality.

Interior decorators even have a joke about this - "Every can of yellow paint should come with Caution: Handle With Care!"

The fact is, your chosen yellow can often disappoint on the walls - that's why it's so important to test it first, using large sample boards. But, while difficult to work with, yellow walls can be so rewarding when you get the color right!

Strong and Bold Shades of Yellow

shocking shades of yellow

Saffron, cadmium, lemon yellow - these shades are not shy about shouting their presence! But unlike red, their excitement is festive and cheerful, rather than bold and energetic. They are also bright - not just purely stimulating.

But these vivid hues are also very difficult for the eye to process and see. In fact, they are the least popular on the spectrum. Some real estate agents even advise homesellers against yellow walls, because this color can often lower the perceived value of a house.

Acid yellows are not restful in bedrooms and other relaxing areas. Plus, they reflect poorly on the skin, making people look as though they are suffering from jaundice.

bold shades of yellow

Ok, where do you use these saturated shades then? Hallways, rooms without windows, utility rooms, laundry rooms, closets and other dark spaces can really benefit from the added brilliance of strong yellows.

These highly reflective shades appear even brighter than white, so use them wherever you want to bring light. In the North, bold yellows can take away the grayness present in the natural light, and warm up a space.

In already well lit rooms, bright yellows are best saved for painting a statement wall, an alcove or as home decor accents. And in hot, southern climates, it's better to opt for a cooler, yellow-green color.

Most popular in contemporary urban settings, kitchens and other rooms with bustling activity, acid yellows look crispy with white woodwork, and lively with touches of pure/clean pink, purple, red and green.

TIP: if you made a mistake and painted your entire room a yellow that is too strong, you can draw attention from the crazy yellow walls, and ground and interrupt the color with the help of dark furniture, multy-colored fabrics and dramatic wall art.

Traditional and Sophisticated Shades of Yellow

pale shades of yellow

There are also more approachable and livable yellow shades - such as butter, pale ocher, camel, muted gold.

Even when the color of your yellow walls is barely noticeable, it will still look welcoming and provide a natural warmth to a space. Pleasant and peaceful, these are the most successful shades to work with.

soft shades of yellow

Because they are not trendy, they never go out of vogue, and can be tailored to any decorating style.

For example, they will look contemporary when paired with oranges and purples. To create a timeless English look, combine them with greens, reds and blues.

But in general, virtually any color will look good against soft, muted yellow walls. These pleasant shades often form the basis of a neutral, but interesting room color scheme, and can emphasize stained wood finishes like maroon brown, mahogany and chestnut.

Pale, faded shades of yellow can also be leveraged by adding a few bright yellow accents to the decor - the result will be "sunshine by osmosis".

TIP: in order to make pale yellow walls work in poorly lit, somber spaces, you will need to crank up the intensity of the color - otherwise your creamy yellow will look like a sickly shade in the lack of natural light.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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