Sunny Yellow Painting Idea - Green and Yellow Walls

by Alexa Davila
(Miami, Fl)

Yellow painting idea for a relaxing space

Yellow painting idea for a relaxing space

This is a small space in my room which I created to relax a bit, play the guitar and read my books.

I chose Glide "Fresh Pineapple" interior paint color from Home Depot. For this particular space, I was going for a calm and sunny feel. ***z-adsense-med.shtml***
I believe yellow walls always make a room look good, but if you choose a bright yellow color it kind of looks like a nursery room.

At first, I painted all the walls with this color, however after a while I decided to paint the wall behind my bed with Glade Safari green (the color you can briefly see next to the door), to give a contrast and a warm feeling to my room.

I painted the walls by myself but if you do not know how to paint you better hire someone who can. I really love the results!

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Love it!
by: Yelena

Your room does look very sunny, but still earthy and organic - that's what I would love my "relaxing space" to look like!

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