Using Shades of Gray
Paint Color on the Walls

Gray paint colors used to be considered dull, cold and boring, but not anymore. Now gray is officially the new beige - it is everywhere.

The Many Faces of the Color Gray

neutral gray paint color

The color gray is created not only by mixing black and white. Other hues are often added to the mix to give this neutral different "flavors".

For example, grays can have blue, green or violet undertones.

When viewed individually, they often appear just bland, flat tones; but when you compare them to other grays in a color deck, their true "flavor" and character becomes more obvious to the eye.

gray paint with purple undertones

Light grey wall colors look sophisticated and elegant, and they can have a peaceful, calming effect on a room.

But depending on the undertone, each gray also has its own distinctive characteristics.

For example, pure grays are clean and crisp; bluish grays are pretty and light-hearted; green-based grays are more serious and grounded, while grays with purple undertones add a touch of mystery and warmth to a room.

Using Gray on the Walls

gray paint color in a contemporary kitchen

Light gray paint colors work best in chic bedrooms, classic living areas and contemporary kitchens.

Deep, dark gray color looks stunning in powder rooms, formal dining rooms and bedrooms (but it needs to be balanced with white or cream).

All shades of gray need plenty of natural and artificial light to warm them up. You can also add some heat and bring these neutrals to life by adding orange, yellow or red accessories.

gray paint color in the bedroom

If you want to create classic, understated color combinations, keep accent colors muted rather than bright. But if you are going for a more contemporary look, use citric shades of lemon and lime, or fuschia and orange.

Grey walls look best when they have a chalky, flat finish. A glossy sheen does look sleek, but it also brings out the coldness in grays.

To prevent gray-based color schemes from looking too monotonous and boring, add lots of texture to the decor - rich fabrics, aged finishes, as well as metallic and shiny accents.

For the best 8 proven, tried and tested gray paint colors, see the Paint Color Cheat Sheets.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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