What Are the Most
Popular Kitchen Colors?

The most popular kitchen colors are comfortable, earthy and always warm. For this reason, red, yellow, orange, brown, beige and certain shades of green are considered best for painting kitchens.

Green is the Most Popular
Kitchen Color

popular kitchen color: yellow-green

I would have to say, without giving it too much endless thought, that the most popular kitchen paint color would be green. And upon further investigation, I would say a warm green - earthy - as opposed to a blue green (but more about that later).

Green is such a perfect neutral - it is surrounding us in nature everywhere and so it feels very comfortable when used in a home.

Green is also a very versatile color: for example, a yellow-based green (chartreuse) can look quite lively and contemporary, and a brown-based green (olive) is muted and feels quieter. A green-based grey (camouflage) will be warmer than other greys, and grey is pretty popular right now.

muddy greens are popular kitchen colors

The muddier shades of green (brown or grey based) are also easier to blend with granite/marble imitation or real stone countertops, tile and the wood of cabinets, because those are natural elements and the choice of a more natural green works well.

When people have just taken possession of a new kitchen, either by moving or redecorating, one of the first things they want to do is "warm things up", and why not - the kitchen is the heartbeat of the house, the hub of activity, and a calming, natural green feels relaxing and centering like being in an old forest or looking at an expanse of natural fields.

Popular Kitchen Colors Are
Often Inspired by Food

popular kitchen colors are often inpired by food

Speaking of heart beat, red is also pretty popular as a kitchen wall color - maybe because it is so warm and passionate? Or maybe because it's the color of wonderful ripe tomatoes in the sun, delicious cherries or juicy strawberries?

Notice a theme here? Yes, food colors!

Food colors are always a good choice for painting kitchen walls. Other than less of an ugly mess when you splash tomato sauce on the walls, it is said that red stimulates the appetite, so it's also a good color for the dining room.

A few years ago I was doing a color consultation for a woman who had a lovely red kitchen. She said she had just gotten tired of it - and that is definitely something that can happen with a very strong color on your walls. Also, because of a somewhat open floor plan, she had extended the red into the dining room and an adjacent small office. When I mentioned the appetite stimulation theory, she exclaimed "Oh so THAT'S why I can't lose any weight!"... so we went with a soft gold for the walls.

All Popular Kitchen
Colors Are Warm

yellows and golds are very popular kitchen colors

Gold? Yellow? These are also very popular kitchen paint color ideas, because yellows and golds are warm. Additionally, the eye actually perceives yellow and gold as sunlight, and even if you don't care for yellow walls, humans are drawn to sunlight.

The idea of a sunny yellow kitchen has been attractive to homeowners for ever. Again, the kitchen is the center of activity and the hub of the house, and yellow is a very high activity color.

Of course, there are lots of yellows and it can go from baby room to school bus in a hurry, but finding the right gold/yellow shade is worth the effort.

another popular kitchen color: orange

A quick word about orange: it's between yellow and red (literally - just look at the paint color wheel) and it's very popular right now.

I must admit, I'm finding myself drawn to orange, tangerine and peach shades lately.

Maybe it's because orange is everything yellow and red are, and considered very optimistic - and who couldn't use a little of that right now?

Neutrals and Earthy Shades Are
Popular in Kitchens, Too

neutrals are also popular kitchen color choices

Browns and beiges? Well, sometimes beige IS the right color.

If you've got a kind of monochromatic (one color based) neutral color scheme going on, you can keep that from being too dull with the help of texture and some "real" color here and there via accessories and accents. You can have great fun adding colorful and/or patterned rugs, place mats or towels to an otherwise beige kitchen.

As far as popular kitchen shades of brown go, think milk chocolate, even dark chocolate, and caramel. I know, I could have said "whole wheat muffins" instead, but somehow it didn't have that "ooh" factor. Have you noticed - more food colors!

The Least Popular Kitchen Colors

blues and grays are the least popular kitchen colors

Remember way back in green when I said "more about that later"?

Well, blues, purples, lavenders, and cool (blue) greys are some of the least popular kitchen colors. Not that there aren't some beautiful blue or grey kitchens, but it can be difficult to get the right kitchen atmosphere and that cozy feeling we all crave and expect, because they are cool colors and don't lend themselves as easily to a kitchen.

They aren't wrong, I wouldn't say that, but let's just say they require some very specific circumstances. Like, when you want a light, airy kitchen and you really hate yellow and warm greens, I could see a pale blue or lavender on the walls with white cabinets and grey-veined counters.

Maybe the easiest way to pick a kitchen wall paint color is to use the theory I use for dishes - will they look good with lasagna on them? But then, when I cook, what I lack in skill I make up in exuberance.

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