New Wall Paint Color for a Fellowship Hall?

Question:We have a mauve and burgundy tile floor that is not going to be changed, in a fellowship hall.

We bought new white tables and are now wanting to change the color of the walls to make everything POP so to speak. To make the tables stand out.

The walls now are white, and it's been 15 years since they were painted. Would you have a suggestion for a new wall color?

Answer: Almost any wall color will help your new tables stand out more.

It seems that right now, even though there is a good contrast between the color of the floor and the tables, the walls are getting all the attention (undeservingly) - because they are the lightest/brightest in color.

A dusty shade of lavender would look very harmonious with the mauve/burgundy floor tile, and appropriate for dressing up a place of worship.

Another option is a light sage green color - in addition to providing a contrasting background to your white tables, it will also make the tile color look redder.

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Another painting idea?
by: Denise H.

I wonder if another good possibility would be painting the walls light gray? I think gray would be neutral, compliment the burgundy and mauve and focus more attention on the white tables as the original poster wanted. I just read in another article here on this site that gray often is a good choice for many walls. Thanks!

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