What Color Should We Paint the Woodwork in Pink and Blue Bedrooms?

Question: I am glazing the base moldings and trim to look antiqued in the main living area and hallways (I have an Old World Tuscan theme going on here). My kids' bedrooms are painted a sky blue and fresh pink colors.

Now should I continue with the brown glaze into the bedrooms as well, or should I leave the woodwork white in there?

Answer: Ideally, rooms with fresh pink or sky blue walls should have pure white woodwork - it will make the wall colors look clean and crisp.

But in your case, white will also highlight and exaggerate the difference in style/mood between the color of the bedrooms and the rest of the floor.

So if you don't mind the rooms not having the same Old World Tuscan look and feel, use white (after all, you can always keep the bedroom doors shut).

You can also glaze the woodwork like in the rest of the house - granted, the wall/trim color combination won't look as clean and crisp as with pure white, but it will flow with/look related to the rest of the living area.

In other words, you have to decide which is more important to you - that the rooms look their best individually, or that they look "connected" to the rest of the house?

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Learning and loving it
by: Edgar

There's so much good advice here on this site, I'm learning loads, and I laughed at the mention above about clashing and shutting the bedroom doors :) I can never keep my kids' doors shut, haha!

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