What Color Should We Paint Our Bedroom Walls?

Question: What color should we paint our bedroom walls which are presently white?

The carpet is sandy beige, and the bedspread and draperies are a sky blue and green floral print on white.

I am also interested in a third color for accent. We have a chair by a glass-top table we could paint.

Answer: Your bedroom sounds quite pretty already, but the right accent color can change a merely "nice" color scheme into a vibrant one.

Keep the walls white (just match the color to the white background in the draperies, to make sure the white shade is right), or find a pale, slightly grayed version of the green color from your fabrics and use that on the walls. Woodwork and ceiling should be bright white.

Then for an accent color, paint your chair red, and if possible, cushion it in the same blue as your fabrics.

Small accessories, such as vases, could be yellow and red.

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Ceiling paint color
by: Stephan Murray

You mention that the ceilings in this instance should remain white. Is there ever a time when ceilings should be painted another color? It's pretty rare in my experience.

Ceiling color explained
by: Yelena

Thank you for your question! Here's a lesson for choosing ceiling paint colors: https://www.housepaintingtutorials.com/ceiling-colors.html

As you will see, it all depends on your decorating goals and the existing elements in the room/house.

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