Can I Use a Modern Purple Color Scheme With Traditional Furnishings?

Question: My living room carpeting is gray and the walls are currently white (too stark white in fact). Our furniture is very traditional.

I'd like to use juicy plums and purples in the room; particularly I am thinking of buying new draperies in a plum, purple and green stripe (I found them already).

Will this work? And what color should I paint the walls?

Answer: Don't be afraid to use modern colors in a traditional or formal setting.

Your new drapery colors sound just right. In fact, you should use the same fabric to make a few throw pillows to put on your couch and chairs. Also add a couple cushions in solid green.

Hang a large magenta/plum modern painting on the wall over the sofa.

Paint the walls a pearl gray, but leave the ceiling and woodwork pure white to provide a contrasting background for your new colors.

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by: Barry Jackson

I think purple is an under-used color in fashion and interior decorating. Most people seem afraid of it, but it doesn't have to be this way. As the author points out, purple/plum and gray is a great color combination. Purple also goes well with khaki type earth tones.

I wear these color combinations all the time and often get compliments. I have no doubt it would translate well to interiors. Remember, purple has long been associated with royalty! =)

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