What Paint Color Looks Good With a Hunter Green Carpet?

Question: I have a hunter green carpet, I love it (new when I bought the house), sand color furniture (microfiber) and end tables and others sit-abouts in cherry wood. I also love magnolias.

My living space and dinning room is one area, and I need to know what color to paint the walls (all wood is cherry, dinning room furniture is cherry, curtains are burgundy or wine).

You can tell I love the jewel tones. Just can't find a color for ceiling, woodwork and walls, please help me!

Answer: You really can't (and shouldn't) compete with a bossy carpet like this - which means no jewel tones for the walls!

Instead, go for a light, subtle, grayed down green paint color (sage green) - it will soften the contrast between the walls and the floor.

Paint the ceiling and woodwork off-white.

Add a couple of hunter green accents (a cushion, a vase, etc) to complete the look and make the color scheme more intentional and less dated.

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by: Diamond

For years i have trained and worked as a house painter; not competing with other strong colours is definitely good advice.

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