What Paint Color Will Make Our Bedroom Look Brighter?

Question: What would be a good paint color for a north-facing bedroom?

We are planning to redecorate ours, and want it to appear bright and cheerful. The room receives no direct sunlight and looks kind of sad now.

Answer: North-facing bedrooms should have sunshine colors on the walls, and happy, natural colors in the fabrics.

To add some warmth and cheer to the room, paint the walls a sunny yellow. Keep in mind though, that you will probably need a more intense yellow than you think (a soft, creamy yellow won't do), otherwise the blue northern light might turn the yellow into a sickly, muddy shade. Paint the ceiling and all woodwork a soft white.

Find some draperies in a sunflower yellow and apple green pattern, and decorative pillows for the bed in yellow, fresh green and a touch of orange.

The bedspread color can be a soft white or a light cream.

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I Can See the Colors
by: Joy Fitzpatrick

I just found this website while searching for ideas on painting my own bedroom. You have a fantastic talent for advising clients on decorating. I can close my eyes and imagine the bedroom you describe and it looks lovely! White trim with Sunflower yellow and candy apple green would make even the dreariest days of winter brighter! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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