What Paint Color Looks Old World Tuscan?

Question: I want the main living area to have an "Old World" look and feel. There is a texture on the dry wall right now, it is called "Holy Smooth" and it looks Tuscan.

I am planning on glazing the base boards and moldings with a brown glaze (VanDyke brand) to have them blend with the feel of the room. What paint color would you recommend for the walls?

Answer: For an Old World Tuscan effect, use a golden yellow as the wall color.

And since you are glazing the woodwork, apply a light coat of glaze over the walls as well, for an added authenticity.

You can use the same brown glaze on the walls, but you'll need to make it lighter.

Here's a good glazing recipe:

make a mix of 1 part clear glaze, 1 part water, and 1 part brown glaze. Adjust the amounts until you get the desired color and consistency (test it on a paper board painted with the base paint color).

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one happy camper
by: James

awesome, I used your glaze mixture and it worked a treat

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