Painting Black Walls?

Thinking about painting black walls in your home? That could work, but you need to follow a few guidelines below...

black walls are not for everyone

Black is a staple color in decorating. It is associated with worldliness, dignity and mystery. When used correctly, it helps to punctuate and ground any interior color scheme.

But in house painting, the color black is not popular at all - most people find black walls intimidating, gloomy and depressing.

And it's true: too much black can be uncomfortable to live with, so it's important to keep its importance in proportion.

Using Black Paint on the Walls

black walls need lots of light and white for balance

Not every room lends itself to large amounts of black color. In order to look chic, fresh and even inviting, black needs a lot of natural and artificial light. It also requires light-colored furniture, flooring and ceilings to balance out its heaviness.

Rooms with extra-large windows and little wall space are usually the best candidates for this wall color.

Another way to control the effect of elegant, but powerful black is to limit it to only one statement wall, or use it only on the bottom half of the walls (under the chairrail).

Even though black seems to lack any color, it actually comes in different undertones. Black paints can be tinged with a hint of brown, blue, green or purple - so you have to take as much care choosing a black as you would choosing any other paint color.

Plus, it's a good idea to repeat the same shade of black somewhere else in the room decor for a cohesive look.

black walls go with every color

Rooms with large amounts of black usually look like urban masculine spaces. To add a little femininity, treat black walls in a room the same way as you would a little black dress, and accessorize to your heart's content.

Black really does go with everything, but looks especially stunning when decorated with reds, greens and yellows (both in saturated and muted shades).

It also loves the company of rich textures, as well as shiny, metallic and mirrored elements of the decor.

Black painted walls can be varnished for a stronger, even more dramatic look. But if you want the effect of "magically disappearing", decadent walls, go for a flat, chalky paint finish.

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Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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