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Paint Ideas and Color Schemes

Contemporary kitchen paint ideas are not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy bold kitchen color schemes, you are in for a treat...

Inspiration for contemporary kitchen paint ideas and color can be found just about anywhere. So don't limit yourself to home d├ęcor magazines when seeking modern kitchen paint color palettes.

Keep your eyes open throughout your daily routine for fresh, new, unexpected combinations. And check out the painting ideas below - they have been borrowed from some really unique sources.

Suit and Tie:

white and gray kitchen paint idea

This charcoal gray and white combination is a contemporary alternative to beige and cream colors for a kitchen. The combo is refined on its own, but you can add some pop with almost any accent color. Sapphire or raspberry chosen here help keep things from getting too serious.

For an upscale kitchen color scheme with a touch of fun, try painting the walls white, trim gray, and then add sapphire, raspberry, or another accent color to the cabinets.

Or, you can easily update a traditional look by painting the walls and trim clean white, and creating a focal point where one wall is painted in charcoal gray. Leave as-is, or introduce an accent color with furnishings or accessories.

Fruit Stand:

orange and warm white kitchen paint idea

Why not paint your kitchen in happiness with bright orange and buttery white? This paint color palette is energetic and grown up at the same time. You can add some sunshine to the citrusy glow with golden yellow, or ground the combo with warm brown. Add unexpected accents with turquoise.

To copy this look, choose bright orange for your walls and yellow for trim to create a statement kitchen that glows. Or, for greater impact, choose turquoise for the trim. The combination of turquoise and orange will seem to vibrate, bringing even more intensity to your kitchen.

But if you want to turn this color scheme down a notch, opt for warm brown trim instead.

Grandma's Afghan:

green and orange kitchen paint idea

Warm your kitchen with the vintage, homemade feel of grandma's knitting with olive, warm beige, and deep orange. Accents of bright orange or light raspberry will keep your kitchen youthful, and dusty turquoise will create an artisan feel.

For high impact without drenching your kitchen in bright color, paint the walls beige, and trim olive. Add an accent color (bright orange, raspberry, or deep orange) to the cabinets.

To turn it into a truly bold and festive kitchen paint idea, use all the colors together. Paint the walls, trim, cabinets, cabinet doors, and ceiling a different color.

Craving a bohemian flavor without a major commitment? Stick to one or two colors for the walls and trim, such as beige and deep orange, but paint each cabinet door or each chair a different accent color.

Wine Cellar:

deep red and rosy peach kitchen paint idea

Light peach and deep red bring femininity to a kitchen without being too sweet. Deep red stimulates appetite and creates a romantic, intimate atmosphere. Accent the red with the rosy glow of peach. Add spring green for an earthy, but vibrant punch.

Want to use this kitchen paint idea in your home? Here's how: try peach for the walls, ceiling, and trim to keep the color scheme light and airy, liberally spiced up with deep red cabinetry.

Or, be bold and use peach on the trim, and red on the walls. Then paint the cabinets or a single door in spring green for a touch of nature that will make the red appear even more vivid.

Candy Striper:

white plus accent colors kitchen paint idea

This kitchen paint ideas couples bright white with the zesty colors of fruit-flavored candy for a cheerful atmosphere. Illuminate your kitchen by choosing a candy-inspired color for the walls. Keep the look fresh and light by choosing white for the trim.

And here's another look to try: create a punchy focal point by painting bright stripes on a wall using masking tape.

Make it more interesting by placing stripes vertically and off-center. Opt for white for the walls, ceiling, cabinetry, and trim to give the stripes maximum impact.

Denim and Leather:

blue, black and brown kitchen paint idea

Treat your kitchen to a fashion-inspired design that can be both formal and casual at the same time. Create the carefree, lived-in feeling of a pair of denim jeans and add a designer touch with the look of brown or black leather.

Choose brown as an accent for earthiness, or black for drama. If the surfaces that you will be painting brown or black are in good shape, try a glossy paint finish to complement the softness of denim blue. (A glossy finish reflects light, highlighting imperfections, so stick with satin or matte if surface is in less-than-perfect shape.)

Limit this color scheme to cabinetry for a little fashion flavor without being over the top. Paint your cabinets blue, and choose black or brown for the cabinet doors.

Alternatively, create a tailored look in your kitchen that still feels like home by choosing brown or black for the trim, and denim blue for the walls.

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