Interior and Exterior
House Painting Tips
for Seasonal Maintenance

Home maintenance isn't always fun, but these interior and exterior house painting tips will at least help eliminate overwhelm and let you stay proactive throughout the year.

Having a home maintenance plan makes you more organized with your projects - it shows you what needs to be done and when, in order to keep your investment in the best shape possible, and your upkeep costs under control.


House in the spring

Your house has sheltered you from the rain, cold, winds and snow of the winter - now is the time to pay it back with some TLC:

  • Pressure wash the body of the house to remove the gunk accumulated over the winter and reveal any weak spots - areas with deteriorating paint, caulk or wood.

  •  Clean the gutters to remove debris and be ready for the coming rainy periods.

  • Inspect the exterior of your house and address any damage winter may have caused:

    - Loose, crumbling or missing caulking
    - Peeling or cracked paint
    - Cracks in the foundation
    - Soft, rotting wood

It's best to fix these issues early in the spring  (as soon as the weather allows) - you don't want April showers to exacerbate the problems even more.

And it's cheaper to spot-treat where needed than have to repaint completely because you waited too long.

Besides, in many areas with 4 seasons, March is the time when painting contractors usually lower their rates to jump-start the season, so you might get a really great deal on labor.


House in the summer

This is a great time to tackle bigger exterior projects - the weather usually cooperates and you have enough time to complete more extensive work:

Just don't wait till a couple of weeks before the 4th of July to get into action - something many homeowners tend to do.

In the holiday weekend preparation craze, it will be difficult to find a contractor who can fit you in his already overbooked schedule, the prices will be higher because of the increased demand, and often there will be more mistakes and disappointments in the process (rushing and working under stress are not good for anyone).


House in the fall

Now is the time to prepare your home for winter and protect it from moisture and deterioration:

  • Check the condition of the caulking inside your house and on the exterior to eliminate drafts and possibility of water damage, and to keep bugs and insects out.

  • Paint or stain any areas with bare wood to prevent costly problems the following year.

  • Clean the gutters again to avoid overflow and damage.

  • Seal any gaps around doors and windows with weatherstripping or foam insulating tape to keep your home comfortable and lower your bills.

November is a month when painting contractors are starting to slow down (because of the changing weather and Thanksgiving when nobody wants to do any projects).

But you can still fit in an exterior painting job on the good weather days and get a lower price from your painter, and of course it's a bargain opportunity to get the interior of your house picture-perfect for the coming holidays.


House in the winter

This is the perfect season to take care of all the interior painting projects you've been wanting to do, because right now contractors offer their lowest rates of the year (exterior work is out, so their business is limited). 

So use this deal-abundant period to finally complete:

No matter your budget, following these interior and exterior house painting tips can help you keep your house in great shape year round, and save money at the same time.

And now that you have this plan, you have no more excuses to procrastinate on home maintenance - just take advantage of the suggested best timing and always remember that preventing problems is much cheaper than correcting them.

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