Crisp and Comfortable Wall Color Idea for Repainting My Kitchen?

by Rebecca

Oak cabinets and accessories

Oak cabinets and accessories


I am repainting my kitchen. It's an open floor plan, where the living room, dining room and kitchen all flow together.

My living room is painted using Pittsburgh Paint in "Pineapple Delight". The hallway and dining room is done in Benjamin Moore's "Light Khaki" as a palette cleanser.

I would like something other than yellow for the kitchen. Maybe a green?

* Oak cabinetry
* Ivory vinyl flooring
* Beige counter tops
* Blue and white accent pieces

I would like to keep most of my blue and white pieces that are on top of the cabinets, and work the wall paint color around them. The plates on the accent wall where peninsula connects to will be going.

The feel I am looking for is crisp and comfortable in the kitchen. I am not afraid of color as I have a purple office.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Rebecca, it sounds like you love and want real color for your kitchen, rather than a neutral - and a green specifically.

And green would work, but not just any green.

You see, right now you have a clean/dirty problem combination going on between your dining room and living room paint colors - where the yellow you chose is too clean, and the khaki too muddy to be used in the same space.

Light Khaki and Pineapple Delight just don't look like they belong together:

Clean and dirty colors don't belong together

To correct this mistake without repainting the dining room or living room, the green color we choose for your kitchen needs to be somewhere in the middle on the clean/dirty scale - as a transition between your too clean yellow and too muddy khaki.

In addition, the green needs to relate to one of the colors in order to look "at home", that's why I recommend Pale Sea Mist from Benjamin Moore:

Pale Sea Mist paint color

It's a yellow-based green that will harmonize with your oak cabinets and bring out their golden tones.

It will also "marry" your existing colors, so that the entire color scheme will look connected in your open floor space:

Light Khaki, Pale Sea Mist and Pineapple Delight paint colors

... and that's how you create a happily-ever-after color story! ;)

Now you just need to find accessories in the same yellow and green (throw pillows, placemats, vases, etc) and distribute them throughout the floor, to unify the paint colors with your decor.

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Great Advice
by: Ava

You got some great advice and I love the green color Yelena suggested. It looks "crisp and comfortable" to me, and I think it goes great with your cabinets.

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