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Look no further than to Analogous Paint Color Schemes for home painting ideas and decor inspiration - if you like serene and harmonious interior paint color combinations.

What exactly are Analogous paint color schemes?

analogous paint color scheme

Analagous color schemes are made up of any 3 colors lying adjacent on the color wheel. For example, yellow, orange-yellow and orange, or green-blue, blue and blue-violet.

All of the colors within this scheme share one common hue, that is why they coordinate well together.

Just like a Monochromatic paint color palette, Analogous paint color schemes are pleasing to the eye, flowing and easy to compose. But Analogous color palettes are also richer, where colors play off each other and have more nuances than monochromatic ones. This color scheme can be made up of only warm colors, only cool colors, or a combination of both.

nature as paint color scheme inspiration

Why is this palette so famous for inspiring the most serene and comfortable decors? Because Analogous color schemes are often found in nature itself.

Just think of the color interplay of autumn leaves (yellow, orange-yellow and orange), or the masterpiece of the evening sky (blue, blue-violet and violet) and you will know that you can't beat Mother Nature when it comes to color coordination!

In Analogous interior color schemes, one color becomes dominant, another is supporting, while the third is used as an accent. You can control how vibrant or subdued the effect will be by altering the value and intensity of the colors within the scheme.

Refer to "How to Choose Paint Colors Like a Pro" for more details.

Examples of Using
Analogous Paint Color Schemes

kitchen paint color scheme

This kitchen decor uses a yellow, yellow-orange and orange interior color scheme.

The many shades and variations of the 3 colors used in this example create interest, but the common denominator ensures that the end result is still pulled together and flowing.

calm  paint color scheme

Yellow, yellow-green and green interior paint colors were used in this bathroom. Do you see how this peaceful effect was achieved here? The value of colors is similar to one another, without harsh contrasts, which allows the eye to move around the room without interruption.

royal  paint color scheme

You've learned already that some Analogous interior color schemes are made up of only cool colors, and this photo is a great illustration of such a case. This living room showcases blue, blue-violet and violet - the traditional colors of royalty.

To create interest and prevent analogous color schemes from looking monotonous, you can place emphasis on one of the colors in the scheme. You can do that by giving that color a larger area, making it deeper or simply more intense than the other two.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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