How to Paint Horizontal
Wall Stripes

Horizontal wall stripes visually expand a space and make a room seem wider. If that's the effect you are looking for, follow the DIY paint stripe instructions below:

Painting Horizontal Stripes

What you'll need for painting stripes:

horizontal wall stripes

  • tape measure

  • a pensil or a piece of chalk

  • carpenter's level

  • blue painter's tape (low tack)

  • a paint roller

  • a roller paint tray

  • a paint brush

  • latex paint in 2 colors (as required by your design)

  • a step ladder

How to Paint Horizontal Stripes:

painting wall stripes

  • Roll on the base color paint and let it dry for a day.

  • Decide how wide your paint stripes will be (usually you'll want them at least 12" wide) and divide them into the wall height (don't measure the baseboards and crown molding). If necessary, tweak the stripe width to get an even number.

  • Starting in the top corner, mark the widths of the stripes down the wall corner. For example, if you'll have 7 stripes on the wall, you'll need to make 6 pensil ticks.

  • Using a carpenter's level and a pensil/chalk, draw lines lightly from the pensil marks in the corner across the entire wall.

  • finished wall stripes

  • Apply painter's tape on the outside edge of each band to be painted with your stripe color. Burnish the tape edge with a plastic spoon or your fingernail to seal it tightly to the wall. Stick a small piece of tape in the areas that won't be painted, so you won't get confused.

  • Roll on the accent color paint in the appropriate areas. Once it's dry to the touch, apply a second coat if necessary.

  • Carefully remove the tape as soon as you are finished painting. Touch up the wall stripes where needed.

Also, see "Tips for Painting Stripes on a Wall" to learn some professional tricks of the trade.

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Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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