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Color Matching Paint

If you need help with color matching paint in your home, here are 2 methods that will help you easily find a matching shade...

NOTE: if you need to touch up the existing paint in your home, keep in mind that these methods for color matching paint are not fool-proof. In fact, there is no guaranteed way to match an old paint color perfectly. See "How to Touch Up Paint" to learn why matching paint colors is usually a matter of luck.

But if you are just trying to re-create the existing paint color (because you love it so much and want to use it again for re-painting the walls), these methods will help you find a close match.

2 Methods for Color Matching Paint

Matching Paint Colors by Eye

color matching paint by eye

For this method, you will need a prop. First, select several paint color chips from your color deck that look like your current wall paint color. Then take a piece of white paper and cut out 2 squares in it.

Place your prop against the wall and view different shades through one of the openings - in the other opening you will see the wall color. The prop will eliminate distraction and make it easier to see any difference between the 2 colors. This method will help you find a more exact match than just by placing color chips on the wall without the prop.

Using a Scanner to Match Paint Colors

color matching paint in a paint store

If you have trouble seeing subtle differences in colors, it's better to leave the task of color matching to the pros. Your local paint store has experienced color experts who can help you find the right shade. Or, they will use a specialized scanner to find a close match.

All you have to do is cut out a small piece of drywall (2x2") in an inconspicuous place and take it to the store. And if you are lucky enough to have the original paint can, that is even better. Just make sure that your paint color sample is clean, otherwise you will not get good results.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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