Where Do You Choose
Paint Colors for House Painting?

Do not make this mistake when choosing paint colors for house painting. But first, find out what it is...

One of the surefire ways to get disappointed with your color choice is to make a paint color decision outside your home.

Too many homeowners rush when selecting paint colors for house painting. They come to a paint store, see a paint color chip that they like, and buy the paint right away. Is it any wonder they get upset as soon as the paint goes on the walls?

Making a paint color decision at the store is similar to ordering clothes from a new catalog - you never know what the color will look like in real life, how the clothes will fit and so on. Except, in this case, you can't even return the paint you bought.

paint colors look different in a paint store

When you go to a paint store bare-handed, there is no way you can remember the exact shade and undertone of your furniture and home decorating colors.

For example, you think you clearly remember the shade of your deep red bedding, but when you are staring at dozens of red paint chips in the store, it's easy to get confused and pick the wrong one.

And then, when you bring the paint home and start painting the walls, you realize that the color does not relate to your bedding at all, and even though the paint color is red, it looks out of place in the context of the room. When you view the bedding against the walls, you see that the bedding color is more tomato red, while the paint color is more wine red. This mistake can be easily avoided if you prepare first.

paint colors swatch board

If you don't like surprises and wasting money, take your time when selecting paint colors for house painting. Before going to a paint store, spend a couple of hours putting together a painting and decorating color swatch board. Your board will include the colors of your flooring, accent items and fabrics used in the room.

Then, when you are ready to go out to buy some paint, take your board with you. That way, when you are at the store looking at your paint color options, you will be able to see how the new color relates to your room decor and whether or not there is harmony between the colors.

And here's an even better strategy for choosing paint colors for house painting. Pick up a paint color deck at the store (or a bunch of color chips in different shades of the color you are considering) and bring it home.

matching paint colors for house painting

When you view your color selection in the actual home setting, you will be amazed at how different the color looks - compared to when you saw it in the store under the fluorescent lights.

The natural and artificial lighting of your room will determine how light or dark you can go with your new paint colors. It will also help you get the right color intensity and undertones for the room - something that can make or break your painting and decorating results.

So the take-away lesson here is: don't rush. And, if you are picking paint colors for your home, make sure you are doing that from your home.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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