How to Prepare for
Powerwashing in NJ

House in need of powerwashing

Before we begin powerwashing in NJ, we ask our customers to prepare so that the project will run as smoothly and with as little interruption to their daily routine as possible.

The following Notice applies to pressure washing projects of any size and kind, be it deck, roof, fence, siding, driveway or patio. Its purpose is to protect you from accidents, and to allow us to do a good job.

Delays are not good for anyone, so please give your attention to the following list of things you need to do in order for your powerwashing project to proceed as scheduled and planned.

Notice to Begin
Powerwashing in NJ:

1. Please remember that in New Jersey, powerwashing is always dependent on the weather, so your original scheduled date may have to be rescheduled in case of rain or heavy wind.

2. Make sure all the windows are closed tight before we start pressure washing the siding, roof or deck/porch - to prevent the water from entering your home.

3. Remove or relocate all objects that are attached to, up against, or near your home or other structure that is to be pressure washed (patio furniture, exterior decorations, wall thermometers and clocks, garden hoses, lawn and gardening tools and equipment, etc).

The power washing process uses strong water pressure and sometimes different types of cleaning chemicals in order to remove contaminants and/or properly prepare the surface for painting or staining.

All things that can be damaged by water or these cleaning chemicals must be removed or relocated so that the powerwashing work can proceed uninterrupted.

4. Make sure that outside water is available, that it has adequate pressure, and that your water faucets are working properly.

5. Unplug and remove all electrical cords from the outside of your home.

6. Keep all vehicles parked away from your house. Pressure cleaning often results in large amounts of dirt (and loose paint particles if preparing the surface for painting) being “blown” off the surface.

The wind can carry the dirt, water, cleaning chemicals and loose paint flakes some distance, so be sure to take appropriate precautions with your vehicles.

7. Remember that the process of powerwashing involves not only the use of high pressure water, but also ladders, hoses, chemicals and noisy equipment, creating a hazardous environment. That's why please keep your children and pets at a safe distance from the jobsite, or indoors.

8. Keep in mind that a professional high pressure washing machine creates a lot of noise, similar to a lawn mower. This noise may interfere with your parties, baby naps, etc. so please plan your day accordingly.

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