Fast, Easy, No-Taping Technique for Striping Paint on the Walls

Question: I am tempted to paint stripes on my bedroom walls, but I shudder when I think of all the taping I'll have to do!

Is there an easier way to stripe a wall?

Answer: As a matter of fact, there are several techniques available to you - see "How to Paint Stripes Without Taping" for a list of ideas.
In addition, here's another fast and easy method (it works best for painting tone-on-tone, dull and shiny finish, 6" stripes):

1) Paint the walls in the desired color, using a flat or matte finish paint.

2) Allow the paint to dry for a day.

3) Using a plumb line or level, indicate the paths for the stripes with small pencil tick marks.

4) Using a very straight two-by-four piece of wood, hold the four-inch side of the lumber against the wall, lining it up with the pencil marks.

Using a six-inch wide mini roller and urethane (choose from satin, semi-gloss or gloss), run the roller edge down the side of the two-by-four, until a nice even coat of urethane is on the wall.

5) Remove the two-by-four and line it up on the other side of the just completed wet stripe. Once again using the six-inch roller, roll down the other side of the two-by-four.

6) Continue until you finish the wall(s) or room.

TIP: Use a sponge roller - other roller types my create irregular stripe lines/edges.

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No taping
by: Martin Kyle

Hmm, that's an interesting idea - using a 2x4. But I guess it would have to have a really smooth edge, and maybe not so good for contrasting colors?

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