Problem Matching Paint Color to Accent Wall

by Jennifer
(Howell, MI)

What color will look good with my accent wall?

What color will look good with my accent wall?

I have decided to paint one accent wall in my Living Room a separate color than I would like the rest.

I am trying to figure out now what color would look good against the color I painted and flow through the rest of the room on a warm end.

I have brown infused with white carpet, red sofa's and a chair that is the same green I painted the one wall.

Do I have too many colors going on or can I pull it off with this punch of color to the one wall and do the remaining walls in a similar hue?

Please help - in desperate need!

Reply from Paula Pavlik-Douglas (our contributing expert):

Hi Jennifer,

Let's start with your brick fireplace.

Photographs can be deceiving, so if there's a lot of orange in your brick, try to stay away from that, because it will clash with your red furniture.

I'd go with a tan or brownish color, still keeping the brick in mind. This will also help avoid that "Christmas Year Round Look".

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel and a great palette to use, but if you don't soften the saturation and tint or shade, they look too strong.

Your accent wall color looks to be a pretty definite green, so I think the surrounding walls need a stronger color to create a better balance, and blend your brown flecked carpet in better.

Try Martha Stewart (available at Home Depot) MSL 076 Toasted Marshmallow:

MSL 076 Toasted Marshmallow paint color

...or if you're feeling bolder - MSL 079 Carton. You have red couches, you must feel bolder!

MSL 079 Carton paint color

I always recommend people get a sample before they paint. You can get the color card from Home Depot or buy a sample pot. When you do, be sure to put the color on either side of a corner. This will help you get a better idea of the color.

If you're not planning on painting right away, put the sample paint on a piece of poster board and again, fold it into a corner so you can see the paint reflected off itself and judge better how it will look.

Good luck!

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Great tips
by: Anonymous

These are great tips. I wish I would have found this site before we painted our living area two years ago. It did look like a year round Christmas look. Ugh it was awful. Needless to say, we just repainted it.

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