Choosing Home Painting Colors
Like on HGTV

Choosing home painting colors yourself, instead of hiring a professional decorator, can be a fun and easy project. Plus, you will save money that can be used to upgrade your decorating choices.

picking painting colors like on TV

An easy way to learn how to compose a home color scheme is to watch the popular TV decorating shows. They feature the most current design and paint color trends, and offer great tips.

The only problem with this method is that on a typical show, they are only dealing with one room - which probably looks nothing like yours. They also don't seem to coordinate the room with the rest of the home. Their focus is within the four walls that they are decorating for that show, period.

But using a TV decorating show as a starting point can be a good idea if you have no clue where to begin.

Choosing Interior Painting Colors
Like an HGTV Pro

NOTE: It's always good to remember that choosing your wall painting colors first is not the way that a professional decorator tackles a room. In fact, the wall color is usually the last thing selected and is used to pull the whole decorating scheme together.

picking home painting colors

First, the decorator/host will generally interview the homeowner to see what they want. So, do a self-interview!

Think about what you like and how you would like the final version of your room to look. What feeling are you trying to portray in the room?

Now is the time to jot down ideas and color schemes - what your dream room will ideally look like.

Next, the TV professional designer will make a project board. This is where the decorator will showcase their choices for the room. They will include fabric swatches, upholstery samples, drapery fabrics, hardware, area rugs, accent pieces and last, but not least - painting colors for the walls, celing and trim to pull it all together.

picking paint colors with a swatch board

You can do this too. Use a foam board or poster board and attach items that you love. Eventually you will see a pattern emerge. Maybe it will be a neutral, calming room, or maybe you'll see a home decorating plan with lots of color!

Refine the process by adding or eliminating items from your project board until you find a combination that works for you and the way you live. You may find that your initial choice of wall paint colors has been replaced by a totally different plan.

Cut yourself some slack! The designers seem sure of their paint color choices on TV, but behind the scenes, they frequently change their minds. So can you. Sure, boldness is important when picking paint colors, but so is flexibility.

Know what mood or effect you want your room to create, and then stay open-minded and flexible until you discover a home painting color that does the job.

If you follow these steps, in the end, your room will reflect you and your tastes. It will look beautiful and polished, and be a room you can enjoy for years.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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