Choose Interior Paint Colors
That Suit Your Taste

You've heard many times that it's important to choose interior paint colors according to your taste. But what if you are not sure what your taste is?

One of the first things to consider when selecting home paint colors is your personal preferences. Many people have no problem articulating their likes and dislikes. But there are some who find it challenging to decide on one color. The reason may be that their taste is all over the place and they like a lot of hues, or maybe they have never thought about what their favorite color is and have no distinct inclinations.

If you belong to the second group, this lesson will help you discover your unique color profile.

Choose Interior Paint Colors
With Nature's Help

Nature can often help you figure out what color schemes attract you the most. Think of the seasons: which one do you find the most appealing visually and why?

choose interior paint colors from seasons

For example, if you love winter colors, that probably means you are drawn to cool, light colors such as pastels and off-whites, and prefer simple, maybe even monochromatic paint color palettes.

Autumn lovers, on the other hand, will really enjoy warm, vibrant, high-contrasting room color schemes.

choose interior paint colors from nature

Likewise, think of different natural environments.

Where do you feel the best - at the shore surrounded by the blues and greens of the ocean and the sky? In the green and brown setting of the forest? Or walking by a peaceful sea of golden wheat fields?

Your preferred environment will give you clues as to what interior paint colors, color temperatures and room color schemes will work best for you.

Choose Interior Paint Colors
From Inside Your Closet

choose interior paint colors from inside your closet

Another way to determine your preferences when it comes to wall paint colors is to take a look at your wardrobe. That's right, open your closet (or walk inside) and try to look at your non-work clothes as if for the first time.

Notice what colors dominate - are they light, dark or medium in tone? Do the colors gravitate toward warmer or cooler temperatures? Are there a great variety of hues or are they mostly from the same color family? Do you see a lot of bright, vivid colors, or primarily neutrals? How much contrast do you see?

The answers to these questions will reveal your color tolerances and inclinations. You will learn not only what colors you prefer, but also how many colors and how much contrast you can take.

You can then use this knowledge to narrow down your options when it's time to choose interior paint colors. This exercise will help you create beautiful and comfortable room color schemes that will truly make you feel at home.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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