Neutral Wall Paint Color Ideas for a New House?

by Kevin
(Los Angeles, CA)

Living room and fireplace

Living room and fireplace


I am buying a house and the seller is paying for the new paint and flooring (to be done before we move in).

I plan to install hardwood floors, but don't know what color to paint the walls. I prefer something neutral. I am also getting a new sectional sofa and want to paint one wall an accent color.

Any advice please?


Kevin, I really don't like recommending wall colors for empty rooms. It's because you can never really know if the paint color is going to work well with the furniture and decor elements you are going to add in later.

For example, even if I give you the most neutral color for the walls, your new neutral sectional may still clash with it (because not all neutrals go together).

But I do realize there are times where perfection is impossible and you have to paint before you furnish and decorate your space.

So if you want a soft neutral, try Anew Gray from Sherwin Williams - it's an interesting, complex gray that acts a bit like a chameleon (it will shift its color depending on the light, viewing angle and surrounding colors):

SW7030 Anew Gray paint color

Now as far as your accent wall idea, I don't think this room needs one at all.

First, you already have a big window and a fireplace there (an existing focal point), and that particular wall does not lend itself well to a different color (because of the layout and backlight).

Second, adding an accent color to any other wall in the room will only create competition and imbalance (again, due to the layout of the room and future furniture placement).

So rather than using an accent wall to introduce some color to your space, do it via wall art, throw pillows and other decorative accessories.

And you MUST add real color somehow somewhere if you want to bring your room to life (because a gray is just a neutral backdrop; it's never exciting on its own).

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by: Valerie

I was thinking of using a gray color for my walls too. Lots of great insight here!

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