Peach Wall Color in My Mother's Room

by Traci

I painted the walls pink/peach to make Mom happy

I painted the walls pink/peach to make Mom happy

My mother was recently living in a nursery home, but after a little incident, I decided I didn't want to rely on people who I knew nothing about to take care of her. So I took her out and moved her in with my two children and I.

Moving her in was very exciting because I felt now I can give back and show how much I appreciated all the years she gave raising my brothers and me.

I wanted to surprise her with her room (I live in a three bedroom, two baths apartment in which one of the rooms was used as an office).

So I went to work, I wanted it to be perfect. I watched a lot of "Extreme Home Makeover" to get some ideas for her room.

I started with the paint. I knew her favorite color was pink, but I didn't want to just use any pink, so I went to Lowe's for ideas (I never knew how many shades of pinks there were).

Anyway, I came across this shade that was between "light pink" and "misty rose" (which is like peach), which also reminded me of her famous peach pies!

I was going for a relaxing and vibrant welcoming vibe. So my mind was made up, I had to also find bedding and furniture to fit in with the theme.

On the move in day when I opened that door she was just mesmerized, I could see it on her face (very emotional moment). I mean she loved it! She told me it reminded her of when she would visit her grandmother on the weekends...

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2 Gallons of Peach Paint - Priceless!
by: Donna Frasca

What a beautiful gift you gave your mom! Thank you for sharing a personal story with us!

so lovely
by: Anonymous

what a lovely story!!! thanks so much for sharing it.

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