How to Choose Paint Color Combinations for Wall Stripes

Question: How do you choose paint color combinations for wall stripes? What paint colors will look good together in a stripe pattern?

Answer: Choosing a paint color combination for wall stripes follows the same guidelines as creating a room color scheme. So explore that section of this website to learn how to put together 2 or more colors with success.
But here are some general points you should keep in mind:

A great way to find a color combination that works is to base your stripe colors on a fabric or other existing color(s) in your room.

Remember that neutrals always translate well into a stylish, relaxed look.

Stripes in classic color combinations (cream and gold, french blue and white, taupe and off-white, etc.) are very versatile, and make a room very easy to change with just a quick switch of accessories.

When art and/or furniture are the focal points in a room, choose soft, subtle colors with minimal contrast (for example, from tints on the same paint card).

If you pick colors that blend with the carpet and/or furniture, you will add some interest to the walls, but without the impact of vivid color or busy pattern, and will make a room feel airier.

If you prefer more contrast between stripes, paint semigloss stripes over a flat wall finish. Or choose the lightest and darkest colors on a paint chip card.

And finally, don't forget to check that the stripe colors you selected blend harmoniously with adjoining rooms (sometimes it's a great idea to repeat the colors of the adjoining rooms in a stripe combination pattern, thus "marrying" the colors in a scheme).

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Good suggestions
by: Scottsdale AZ Painter

Choosing colors for a house is a tough task.
But the points, tips and suggestions that you have shared are very helpful. Thanks for the post.

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