Need a Different Painting Idea for a Small Room

by Bailey
(College Park, GA)

My pink and brown room decor

My pink and brown room decor


My room is decorated in pink and brown. I have my own bathroom and closet, and the room is very small.

What colors should I paint my room? I want it to be different.


Hi Bailey! Everyone needs a little change every now and then...

I'm not a big fan of the "paint a small room a light color" theory (because you also need low contrast, not just a light color), but since you have a dark color now and also have white trim, I'm going to suggest a couple lighter colors that will be closer to the white trim, and that should give you a feeling of a little more space.

You didn't mention whether the decor (bedspread, lamps, pillows) was staying or not, so I'm going to assume it is, or that you'll be changing things gradually.

All the colors I'm suggesting are from Martha Stewart, her paint is available at Home Depot. She has some great colors.

MSL 002 Pink Sea Salt

MSL 002 Pink Sea Salt:

Paint everything pale pink, even the ceiling. You can leave the trim white though (as long as it's a true white and not a cream or off-white, which could look dirty next to such a pale pink wall color).

This would be very pretty and kind of sophisticated, and a big difference from the brown in terms of how open the space seems.

You could paint your bathroom and even your closet the same color, but if you don't want to repaint your closet every time you change your mind about the room color, then keep it white.

MSL 099 Calabash

MSL 099 Calabash:

This paint color would be a little livelier, and you'd have to repeat the same green in accents (or introduce a pattern that combines the green, pink and brown to your decor), but it could work.

I don't think I would put it in the bathroom though. It could be a little too much, and a warm green like this is just not a good color choice for bathrooms (it may cast an unflattering tinge on your skin in the mirror).

For fun, you could put the Pink Sea Salt on the ceiling in your room, (in which case, put it in the bathroom too - both on the walls and ceiling).

MSL 119 River Mist

MSL 119 River Mist:

This is another more sophisticated type color. It would look crisp against the white trim, and I would leave the ceilings white too.

This color (because it is a little bit of a blue/green) could be used in the bathroom. The blue in the color makes it cooler, and cool colors recede, or visually go into the background, making the room look a little bigger (maybe).

I would still look to incorporate some of it in the other accessories. Maybe with throw pillows, or get out that glue gun and put some teal colored ribbon around the lamp shades!

Hope this helps you get started. Go to Home Depot and check out the color cards first though!

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Rivermist paint color
by: Leah

I came to this site looking for ideas on the color to paint my small room and found this page. I really like the Rivermist and think I will try it.

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