Best Tool for Painting Wall Stripes: Brush or Roller?

Use a brush for painting narrow stripes

Use a brush for painting narrow stripes


What is the right tool for painting stripes on the walls - a brush or a roller? Everyone I ask seems to have a different opinion, and I'm confused.


The tool you choose for striping paint will determine the finish of the stripes, and the speed of the process.

But if you are not looking to create visible texture on your stripes, a brush or a mini roller are your two options.

For painting 2" and smaller stripes, a brush is more convenient - choose a quality one in a medium size, with synthetic bristles for a smoother finish.

To paint stripes wider than 3", use a roller (brushing will be too slow for this, and may leave visible marks)- the shorter the nap, the less texture you will see (but a sponge roller can create tiny bubbles in the finish if the paint is cheap and watery).

You can use a roller sideways, but if possible, try to match the size of the roller to the width of the stripe (for example, use a 6" roller for painting 6" stripes) - you will do the job faster, and get a more uniform finish that way.

Just keep in mind that you'll still need a brush to touch up the corners right under the ceiling, above the baseboards and in other tight spots (unless you've used a wide tape for masking those areas - then you can get in the corners with the mini roller).

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by: Brandy Ray

Awesome post! I've been thinking about trying to paint vertical stripes in our powder room, but I could not decide for the life of me which tool to use. I guess I'll use a 6" roller, since it seems more convenient and it paints the amount of size that I want my stripes to be.

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