Wide Horizontal Striping in the Bathroom

by Tera
(Watertown, NY)

Black and gray horizontal wall stripes

Black and gray horizontal wall stripes

When I went and finally got around to painting the guest bathroom, I really wanted to try something that I’ve been seeing on television shows. I knew that I wanted a darker theme to the room, but I figured that going just straight black or gray would be hard to pull off and I didn’t want to have to wallpaper the room.

I finally decided that I would go with the horizontal stripe to make it look friendlier.

The way I did it, but I’m not sure if it’s the correct way, is that I painted the middle part of the wall the gray color so that I wouldn’t have to worry about border issues. I figured since the black is darker that it would cover it up easier and it did.

I taped off the border after it was all dry and just applied the dark color.

I really think that it looks good. I didn’t want the smaller stripes because I think it’s a little too much and busy and I think the single large stripe really adds something to the room, but doesn’t take away from the other pieces.

Also, I was hoping that possibly using the whole horizontal stripe thing would make the room look bigger. I’m not sure if it works like that, but I still tried.

My friends and I did all the work. It was fun. It wasn’t ALL that much fun, but it was fun :)

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I like it!
by: Christina

I love how the large blocks of color make the bathroom look very modern. It has multiple colors without looking too busy or overwhelming. I really like it!


more info
by: Anonymous

More info would've been helpful. ie how wide is the stripe? how high from the floor did you measure it? This is exactly what I want to do but I still do not have the needed info.

by: Jessie

I love that, it's unique and creative without taking over the small space. The colors chosen are sexy and modern. KUDOS!

Great Job!
by: JBmimi

Love what you did...looks great! I think I might try this idea.

by: Anonymous

I think I would have painted the ceiling with the grey stripe color.

When I tape off stripes, I use green tape and press firmly along the edge to preclude bleeding. For an extra crisp edge I use a little bit of polymer on the tape's edge.

Looks awesome!
by: Froberta

I love the look. I am going to do the same to a very boring narrow hallway of mine. Thanks for the idea!

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