My Small Home Office Painted a Bright Red Color

by Sandra M

Edge Red paint color on the walls

Edge Red paint color on the walls

This is the world's smallest room but when moving in with my partner it was the only space I could take over for an office! It was dark green and full of big wooden furniture.
We completely emptied, it, painted it this WONDERFUL Behr color, called Edgy Red. But it doesn't make you feel edgy, it makes you feel happy and awake!

This photo was taken right after painting and adding some shabby chic lighting (Home Depot) and light covers, new mini-blinds and curtains, which we hung very high to send the eye UP, and a vintage desk found at a garage sale...

Since then I've added a white bookcase, a plush shag rug, shabby chic art, and a comfy red gingham chair.

VOILA! I have the world's smallest, but cutest home office. I love working in it!

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