My Faux Paint Sponging Bathroom Project

by Daniele Botts
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

Faux sponging finish on my bathroom walls

Faux sponging finish on my bathroom walls

After thumbing through a book on faux-finishing techniques, I decided to attempt the sponging technique in my hall bathroom.

I chose this particular finish for two reasons, the first being that my husband is not great at drywall and the second being that I had never tried to do a faux-finish before; sponging seemed both the easiest to start with and the most forgiving.
My husband and I had chosen a blue and green “amoeba” patterned tile for our shower, so in keeping in that color family, I chose similar shades for the walls - going heavier on the green to contrast with the tile.

It’s a very small space, so it was important to me to not go too dark with the paint colors - but the “Greek Sea” and the “Ralph Lauren Whispering Green” suited the room perfectly.

Though I am not the best interior painter, I did all of the painting of the bath myself. We primed the walls first with a green basecoat and a roller, then added one or two more coats of green over that.

After that was fully dry (1-2 days), I went in with a small, handheld paint pan and a natural sea sponge, which I bought in the paint aisle of the home improvement store. I did small sections of the wall at a time, trying to not overlap my blue paint.

Once my sections were dry, I went back over it and sponged on more paint as I saw fit. I was a little nervous at first, but once I got started and experimented with the paint and my sponge a bit, it was easy and fun!

This first attempt was not by any means perfect, there were a few things I had to learn the hard way.

First of all, it’s a lot easier to add paint rather than take it away; use a light hand with the paint-dipped sponge.

The second lesson, thoroughly rinse your sponge religiously after each use - it’s ruined if you don’t.

Lastly, I discovered that the more comfortable I felt with the technique, the better it came out - sponging is imperfect; perfectionism will only ruin the effect you’re going for!


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