How to Snap a Chalk Line for Painting Wall Stripes

Question: I want to paint 3 diagonal wall stripes on the accent wall in my living room, so I bought a chalk line - but I am not sure how to use it.

Answer: To snap a chalk line longer than 3', you'll need a partner.
One person should hold the chalk box on the mark at one edge of the wall, while the other stretches the string to the mark at the opposite edge and holds it taut.

One of you should reach toward the center, position the taut string against one of the stripe path marks, lift the string away from the surface and then release it.

It will leave a straight, powdery line between the marks.

To snap really long lines, use three people - each should hold the string with one hand against a measured mark, and then snap it with the other hand.

TIP: Chalk lines usually contain blue chalk that is difficult to wipe off. Instead, you might want to empty out the box and refill it with a mixture of 3 parts talcum powder and 1 part blue chalk.

Paint and glaze don't adhere to chalk, so once you've masked the stripe pattern, brush or wipe off the chalk (using a clean soft cloth).

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by: Anonymous

Yeah, I'll probably have to get two more people to help me out with this one - we are doing a foyer! :(

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