Sherwin Williams Paint Samples Can Get Expensive!

Question: I know Sherwin Williams paint samples can be helpful when you need to narrow down multiple paint color options, or for people who can't visualize how the room will look painted.

But I also know that after a few samples, this can get really expensive (I personally had to buy 31 samples once, ouch!), plus all that driving back and forth to the paint store!

Is there a cheaper alternative?

Answer: Sherwin Williams paint samples cost about $5, and you get a quart of paint. Compared to most other paint manufacturers, with Sherwin Williams you get the most sample for the money.

But I do agree that even that can add up and become expensive.

So here are two ideas for you:

First, try to avoid a situation where you have to buy more than 3 paint samples. Use Sherwin Williams paint swatches to eliminate most of the color "candidates".

Here's how: study all the colors you are considering in daylight, and examine their undertones. View the colors in the context of the room (against your furniture, window drapes, wall art, carpet). Watch how the colors change during the day.

Based on your experiments, get rid of the paint chips that have an undesirable undertone, clash with your existing decor colors, or look unappealing under your home's lighting. Keep pruning until you have only 2-3 options left, then test them with Sherwin Williams paint samples.

Second, you might want to invest in the Paint Color Cheat Sheets once (the price of one gallon of paint), and use them for the rest of your life for all your present and future painting projects.

You'll get your money's worth the very first time you paint, and will never have to buy another paint sample again.

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31 paint samples?
by: Paint Expert

I've heard of being indecisive... but wow, that's a lot of samples. For one room??? I think you learned the most valuable lesson after that, IT'S JUST PAINT.

To anyone reading - there's no need to paint a mural on your wall to find that "Unique" color.

The majority of paint stores (including Sherwin Williams) will have a machine where you can see the color swatches in various lights, so no need to spend a small fortune on, in this case, 30+ colors you won't be using anyway.

But I myself actually have customers who do this with gallons, swearing they picked the right paint color each time, but that's another story...

Wrong price
by: Jacob

They are not $5, more like $8! I was told they weren't returnable when he already was mixing the last one. I feel that was poor customer service upfront. Feel like they are kinda overpriced for the paint.

Horrible service by store manager
by: Linalisa Amacher

We brought in a paint chip to have a match, for paint we bought there before. We have an account there. The manager treated us very condescending, did not want to check on the account to see what we had used before, was really just horrible. Luckily the salesman helped us. But what a lousy lousy treatment.

It’s ok if you choose it
by: Susan

I only have some shutters to paint, so if I nail the color the first time, the quart sample will be all I need.

It's not real paint
by: Sarah Campagna

These Color-to-go samples are not really paint. They let you sample the color but they do not include all of the elements that make paint, paint. For instance, they tell you that you must use a topcoat if you want to retain the color.

Good info
by: Lori B

Glad I read this. Now I definitely won't go buy an exspensive sample.

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