Paint Color Ideas
Taken From a Painting

Inspiration for paint color ideas can come from different places, but one of the most popular sources is art. Let's see how a classical painting can serve as a starter for a complete room color scheme.

Probably more interior color schemes are based on a painting than on any other single item. Quite often, in addition to providing paint color ideas and interesting palettes of colors, the painting will give a clue as to the percentage of each shade you should use.

When you own a beautiful painting, you can use its color scheme to paint and decorate the room in which it is displayed. That way, your decor will look like an extension of the painting itself.

But what if you fell in love with a painting that you cannot afford to buy yet? Then you can try to replicate the color palette of the painting in your home decorating color scheme. At least you will be surrounded by the color scheme inspired by your favorite piece of art and, if you do an especially good job with it, you might even mimic the mood of the painting in your decor.

Example of Pulling Paint Color Ideas
From a Painting

taking paint color ideas from a painting

For this excersise, we will take a famous masterpiece "The Soul of The Rose" for creating a complete color scheme for a room.

The color palette of this painting is dominated by the orange-red, yellow and green shades. Muted blues play a supporting role, and touches of dirty pink and yellow serve as accents.

Let's try to use the same color combinations and proportions for painting and decorating a sample room.

Using the painting as a guide, we will paint three walls of the room toned-down yellow, and the accent wall calm green. To deepen and increase the temperature of the color scheme, we will introduce more intense warm shades. The orange-red of the lamp shade, draperies and decorative pillow, and natural reddish color of the wooden bed help us accomplish this goal.

paint color ideas for a room

The chair upholstery fabric and pillows on the bed add some dusty blue to the scheme. The bedspread with a pattern of pale pink roses and deeper green leaves add the remaining colors of the palette. To complete the look, we might bring in a vase of tea roses and add some small accessories in slate blue.

Also, for a better approximation of the mood and color interplay of the painting, we could go with a shabby chic decorating style for this room, and use faux painting finishes on the walls and furniture - colorwashing and distressing would be good choices.

When using this method for getting paint color ideas for a room, you can achieve totally different looks from the same painting - it all depends on the proportions and placement of colors. Try it, it's fun!

Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Paint Color Cheat Sheets

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