How to Recognize a
Quality New Jersey
Painting Contractor

If you've ever hired a New Jersey painting contractor, most likely you already know that even though they all promise to provide the best service, not everyone delivers.

So how do you know which one will?

Just go through the list below and make an assessment of each painter you are considering for your project.

It's a great way to zoom in on what's really important in a painting contractor and make the best informed decision.

What's Most Important in a
New Jersey Painting Contractor?

Initial phone call

Notice how your phone call was handled - was it answered right away? If not, how long did it take the painting contractor to get back to you?

If the contractor is too busy to return your call within a few hours, that's an early sign of potential communication problems later down the road.

You want someone who will always be easily accessible to answer your questions and concerns before, during and after the project.

Initial appointment

Was the painter on time for your initial appointment?

Of course we don't live in a perfect world, but did he call to let you know he's going to be late?

You'll greatly appreciate the virtue of punctuality after the project starts, especially if you've ever been in a position where you had to wait for hours each morning waiting for the painting crew to arrive.

First impression

Did the painting contractor produce a positive first impression? Or did he seem messy and disorganized right from the start?

The way house painters look is often indicative of their work and might give you a glimpse into how your project will be run (clean-up, attention to details, work organization and so on).


Look for friendly and respectful attitude - was the contractor polite, did he wipe his feet before entering your home, etc?

House painting projects usually last several days and can be tiring, but a painting contractor with a good attitude will make communication easier, so the whole project will go smoother.


A professional New Jersey painting contractor will act more as a consultant than just an order taker.

Professional painters are familiar with different products and materials and will usually give you some ideas and suggestions for what your house really needs, and where you are likely to just waste your money.

They should also explain to you how the work will be done, what methods will be used and how long the project will take.


Every New Jersey painting contractor must carry 2 types of insurance for your protection.

General liability insurance protects you in case your house is damaged, while workers compensation insurance protects you from being liable for any injuries on your project.

House painting can be a dangerous project, so always ask to see proof of insurance before hiring a home painter.

Past performance

Quality New Jersey house painters always have a trail of happy customers behind them and will gladly provide you with references and testimonials (and the more the better).

Ideally, you will not even have to ask for that, because a paint contractor who has a great customer satisfaction record will naturally want to show it off.


Ask the home painter whether he guarantees his work in writing.

Currently, the industry standard is 2 years for labor and materials - anything less means you are not getting the best value for your money.

A New Jersey painting contractor who cannot guarantee his work for at least 2 years, will probably use cheap materials and/or cut corners on surface preparation.


If easy communication and high quality are important to you, make sure the painting contractor will use only full time, trained employees and no part time, unqualified workers on your project.

Written proposal

Serious New Jersey painting contractors will put all promises and agreements on paper, and give you a written proposal that describes the scope of work, surface preparation, number of paint coats, price, start and finish dates and warranty terms.

A written contract clarifies many issues and leaves less room for misunderstanding and disappointment later down the road.

And finally, remember that every time you hire a New Jersey painting contractor, you are contributing to the state of the entire contractor industry.

Unfortunately, right now there are more bad painters than good ones, but if more people supported real professionals, everyone would benefit in the end, and finding quality help wouldn't be such a problem anymore.

So vote with your wallet wisely!

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