Bathroom Painting Ideas

With the beach and shore-inspired bathroom painting ideas and color combinations you'll find on this page, you can easily turn your bathroom color scheme into a fun or relaxing "day at the beach"...

beach inspired bathroom painting idea

It's easy to take a "mini vacation" every day when you have a beach-inspired bathroom.

With the right bathroom painting ideas, you can capture the serene, healing properties of the ocean, or the upbeat energy of a summer day spent seaside...

...or make an older bathroom feel current but casual with a beachy palette.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing, cheerful bath, or a statement bathroom infused with magic, consider looking to the sun, sand and sea for inspiration.

"Beach Umbrellas" bathroom painting idea:

Beach Umbrellas bathroom painting idea

To enjoy the cheerful vibe of a crowded beach all year round, drench your bathroom walls in sunny gold. Paint the trim with grapey purple or turquoise to imitate the bright hues of the sun reflecting off beach umbrellas.

Create a focal point by painting a small wall or door in hot pink. Leave the ceiling white, or make the whole room glow with a lighter gold on the ceiling.

This energetic paint color scheme will warm up your bathroom and guarantee to lift moods no matter what the season outside.

"Night At the Beach" bathroom painting idea:

Night at the Beach bathroom painting idea

Bring the drama of a night at the beach home with you. Paint the walls the inky blue shade of a summer night, and add grayed green-blue to the lower third of walls to ground the room and mimic the ocean on the horizon.

Choose a cool white for trim, or limit to one feature (the wall space around a mirror, for instance), to give a sense of moonlight reflecting off the water. Use white on the ceiling to open the space up, or the darker wall color - to wrap your bath in the enchantment of a summer night.

For a chic alternative, choose the blue-green for the walls, and the deep blue for trim. Paint the cabinet doors or the ceiling white.

"Shipwrecked" bathroom painting idea:

Shipwrecked bathroom painting idea

Like a sun-bleached hut on a remote island, turn the outdated features in your bathroom into timeworn charm by choosing this casual color scheme.

The light colors will make the most of a small bathroom, but will lend a sense of seclusion. Choose warm gray-white for the walls, and cool gray for trim.

Turn a cabinet or vanity with a damaged or faded wood finish into a fresh focal point. Paint the wood white and use a rag to wipe some of the paint off before it dries. If desired, lightly sand again when dry, allowing some of the wood grain to show through. Your bathroom will have a tattered elegance that feels like a relaxing vacation.

"Bathe In a Seashell" bathroom painting idea:

Bathe In a Seashell bathroom painting idea

Paint your bathroom with the colors found on the inside of a conch shell. Bright coral for the walls will turn your bath into a luminous hidden treasure. Use peachy pink for the trim, or on the lower portion of the walls, to lighten things up a bit.

Turn a cabinet or vanity into a charming focal point by painting it white. Choose a specialty white, with a pearlized finish or a little sparkle, for a touch of wonder reminiscent of a pearl. This would be a magical choice for a tiny bathroom.

For a larger room, add the bright coral to the inside of an open cabinet or closet, and treat the walls to the lighter pink shade. This will add some romantic drama to your bathroom, without being over-the-top.

"Mermaid" bathroom painting idea:

Mermaid bathroom painting idea

For a fairytale bathroom that's all grown up, try this mermaid-inspired color scheme.

Turquoise trim adds a watery quality to pale purple walls. Paint the accents (shelving or a door frame) in a crisp apple green for a lively pop of color.

This paint color combination won't visually enclose a small bathroom, and will make a larger bathroom feel like a chic, but casual, ocean side retreat. Paint the ceiling in a small bathroom white to open it up, or choose the light purple of the walls to unify the space.

"Treasure Chest" bathroom painting idea:

Treasure Chest bathroom painting idea

Create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom with an unexpected special touch with this color scheme.

Choose a light blue-green inspired by the ocean for the walls. Paint the trim with a darker blue-green to emphasize the calming hue and pull the space together.

Paint one element (a piece of furniture or the trim around a large window), with the bright red of a precious jewel.

For something a little bolder, paint the walls a lighter or darker blue-green, and select a red with a pearlized or sparkle finish to paint one wall - for a dazzling, exotic focal point.

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