Yellow Color Scheme in Our Apartment

by Amy
(Logan, UT, USA)

Pale yellow walls with matching yellow accents

Pale yellow walls with matching yellow accents

I attend Utah State University in Logan, Utah and I recently rented a small house near campus with some friends.

The landlord allowed us to paint and decorate a little bit as long as the colors were neutral.

We have had the same furniture for the last few houses we have lived in, and we have had a lot of trouble making our decorations work with them.

Therefore, we decided to update the house in a few ways to make our decorations look more put-together.

The picture above is of one of the walls in our living room by our windows and closet. We used a light yellow paint color by Behr that matched our armchair nicely.

We took an entire weekend off from schoolwork to prep and paint the walls in the room.

Afterwards, we went to a consignment shop and found two small pieces of artwork that matched our yellow color scheme and we hung them on the walls.

Overall, it turned out very nicely and our house looks that much prettier!

If you don't want to paint your entire room, at least do a light accent wall - it's minimal work, can be cheaply done, and will really bring a room’s look together.

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